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The chateau oriental garden collection - at terry's fabrics

Chateau de La Motte Husson comes to Terry's Fabrics

Dick & Angel Strawbridge were thrilled to find a bamboo plantation behind their walled garden, that had been planted by the original owners of the Chateau, the Baglione family in the 1870's. A strong and durable material, bamboo would originally have been used as a resource for the garden.
Bamboo is reported to prefer warm and moist tropical climates, but it thrives at The Chateau de La Motte Husson; and Angel's take on that is that.... "It has stood the test of time, and for us that symbolizes how we see our lives here, hopefully anchored for many years to come."

This enduring woody resident has, needless to say then, inspired yet another of Angel's Chateau homewares collections. And from her love simply of the aesthetic forms of bamboo, as well as its deep-rooted place as a symbol of virtue in Chinese culture (another one of Angel's passions), Angel's oriental Garden collection was born.

And whilst tall, elegant, shafts of woody bamboo form the main aesthetic for this collection, it incorporates other elements too, that you would instantly associate with the delightful charm of an Oriental garden such as butterflies, cherry blossom and moonlight.

Bamboo Collection

The bamboo design is available as ready-made curtains from Terry's Fabrics in a classic neutral and a rich ochre shade; but true to Angel's eclectic way with colour, pattern and texture; she combines many other elements and colours from her products in her collections with these opulent ready made drapes and cushions.

Blossom & Butterfly Collection

Moonlight Collection

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