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The 2014 big spring clean

Collage of white living room, white office and white bedroom Now that Christmas and new years is over its time for that oh so exciting part of the spring season that no doubt everybody loves or possibly hate with a passion the big spring clean. Believe it or not a clean and tidy home is not only good for your health, reduces stress, allergies and improves concentration but it also helps to bring out the uniqueness and characteristic of your home décor and style that maybe hiding unable piles of clutter. So if you’re feeling brave and want to get stuck into sprucing up your home this spring then here are some tips and advice to help get you started. The white living room from the above collage


To start off the big clean first thing your best tackling is getting rid of any unwanted rubbish or clutter. Over the Christmas holidays you’ve no doubt accumulated a few selection boxes, Christmas TV guides, magazines, wrapping paper and such so it’s time to clear away everything you don’t need to free up your living space. Another way to really give your room of choice a fresh look and feel is to apply a new coat of paint to your walls; over time they can get dirty or marked with the help of kids and pets so it’s a great way of revitalizing your home décor for the year ahead and having a living space your happy with. The white office from the above collage


Moving onto the office I find it really hard to concentrate and have a fresh creative mind if my work space is messy and cluttered. So the second thing you can do as part of your spring clean is de-clutter that desk and spoil yourself in some office storage pieces that co-ordinate with the current style or colour palette of choice. This can be anything from shelving, magazine holders or under desk storage and it will really help keep your desk space clear, organised and clean so that you’re prompt and ready to work every time you sit at your desk. The white bedroom from the above collage


Last but not least is the bedroom and the place where you can relax and unwind after a really long day of well cleaning no doubt. In here you can again just remove any clutter you don’t need, clear any dust from your curtains or blinds by popping them in the wash and open up the windows to get rid of any unpleasant smells. If you notice any of your home décor or furnishing are looking a little drab then rather than throwing them away spruce them up into something contemporary and unique to you. Now that you’ve got your marigolds on and a list of cleaning to do’s which room are you going to tackle first in your big spring clean of 2014?

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