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Slatted bed base vs divan: 7 differences to keep in mind

Buying a bed and making the right investment can be tricky business, especially when there are so many different types of bed and bedding products available to buy. Now you may have a bed style in mind but also need to think about the kind support and bed base to go with it. The importance of the type of bed base you buy is key to not only your quality of sleep, but the life of your mattress as well.  So here are seven differences between a slatted bed base and divan base to keep in mind to hopefully help you in making your purchase.  

Cream double divan and mattress

  1. Keeping that mattress fresh: Slatted bases give your mattress the amount of ventilation and air circulation it needs that a divan doesn’t offer. This helps to keep your mattress fresh and cool particularly during those warm summer months. However a divan is less able to ventilate the underneath of the mattress due to its base structure being covered with fabric.
  2. Benefit from all that extra bedroom space:  Believe it or not divan beds are actually small in size compared to most standard bed frames with fitted slatted bases. Therefore a benefit of investing in a divan is the extra bedroom space you gain overall, giving you even more space for furnishings and much more.
  3. Custom your divan to suit your style:  With a divan bed you’re able to alternate between different styles of headboard to suit your room décor as it changes over time.
  4. Different mattresses suit different bases:  It’s important to know that not all mattresses compliment every bed.  The bed base you choose can affect the life of your mattress and there are also mattresses that are only suitable for divans and slatted beds alike.
  5.  Aesthetic style varies:Divan beds have a fairly simplistic design and style; therefore they aren’t as aesthetically styled and tailored as a bed frame with a slatted base. So if you’re looking for a bed to suit a particular room style at home then a bed design with a slatted base maybe perfect for you. However if you’re not too worried about visual style then a divan maybe the way to go.Single red divan and mattress
  6. Room storage: Storage comes in extremely handy when it comes to storing away bits and bobs to keep your room a clutter free space. There are many different bed designs today that incorporate extra storage features to make full use of the bed’s space. However often more room is found with a slatted bed frame than a divan due to the divan’s structure.
  7. Durability: In terms of durability slatted base beds can be subject to slat breakage from excessive weight applied to the bed or jumping causing the slats to crack. A divan bed base is more able to absorb weight placed upon it than a slatted base, therefore making it more durable. However bear in mind that most slats can be replaced with ease depending on their make and manufacture.

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