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Seriously stylish festive charm: children's bedrooms

While you actively turn your living space into a first-class, holiday extravaganza, don't forget the kids. Creating the spirit of Christmas, Santa Claus, or just a good feeling, in your child's bedroom, will give them the right attitude of the season. It only takes a few cheery touches of Christmas to leave a lasting memory for years to come.

Feed those Pre-Teen Blues with Blues

Anyone that has ever had a pre-teen, knows how hard it can be to please. Too young for cars and too old for Santa, they can feel lost in the sea of misfits. Try something different in their bedroom that highlights the season, and their mood. Begin with the colour blue. Blue is calming, peaceful and cool. It is also relaxing and has an aura to expand perception. Use an area rug that is plush enough to dig toes into. Cheap rugs come in all types of colours and sizes. Brown, ivory, or navy rugs can be found with a hint of lighter blue or aqua along the edges or speckled throughout. Hang appropriate, matching bedroom curtains that can easily let in sunshine on bright days and complete the look with co-ordinated duvet sets.

Simple Christmas Reminders

Get playful with your child's anticipation of the big day with a Christmas tree. Create a small replica out of blue, brown or white pipe cleaners and hang one single bulb. Write a loving sentence on a small piece of paper that is a holiday reminder, a past Christmas experience, or a great quality that you find in your son or daughter. Tie this fortune cookie-style paper onto the single bulb. Add a new blue, green or white bulb each day, along with a new message, and watch your child rush to their room, with excitement.

By Christmas, the little bare tree will be filled with bulbs, and loving reminders of the season. You can also use wrapped packages or any type of holiday trinkets. Begin 15 or 20 days out, so the tree will have a chance to have a nice collection of colour by Christmas. The holiday season can be busy and stressful to parents. Children can be forgotten in the fast pace of trying to provide a nice environment. Make sure you create a special place, and feeling, for your kids this year, by providing subtle hints of what Christmas is all about. By the time the big day arrives, you will find the reason for the season is in full gear and a happy family gathering that can turn into a pleasant memory.

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