Seasonal style - luxury lodge, log cabin stylie!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful - but inside it's so delightful! ….particularly when you can - "Transform you home for less" - with some Seasonal Style to keep you warm, cosy and totally On-Trend throughout the Winter Months.

Seasonal Style - Luxury Lodge, Log Cabin Stylie! Collage of four different bed styles

If the wet & windy Wintry weather has you wistfully wishing that you could curl up and hibernate like many of our furry friends do at this time of year; then how about styling up the winter months - luxury log cabin style - and throwing some traditional highland tartan, warm woven woolens or some stylized but stylish stags heads into the mix, to conjure up a luxuriously warm, cozy and inviting scheme that smacks of all the comforts of luxury bedding, reminiscent of a quaint but inviting and romantic log cabin? 

Grey checked bedding

Natural and unfinished woods give a rustic feel to interior schemes and add that undeniably log cabin feel, particularly if used as wall decor or cladding. Stripped floors further enhance the look and combining these warming finishes with neutral, light, taupe or grey tones keeps the country charm look, without the combination looking stark or cold.

Grey and red checked bedding

If you're more of a traditionalist, however, and warm or spicy colours are more your thing for the colder months; then red and terracotta tones tick the boxes every time and work exceptionally well combined with neutral grey or taupe palettes as they add cheerful and inviting accents.

Red and grey, striped and checked curtains and chairs

In fact red and taupe (or dare I say beige) are best friends when it comes to interior colour schemes. The calm subtlety of one is offset by the energy and vibrancy of the other; and the result is a winning combination when it comes to interior decor.

Beige and red striped arm chair Red and white checked curtains and matching armchair Beige and red checked arm chair

Mixing and matching tartans, checks, plaids and stripes in coordinating tones is another great way to add the luxury log cabin look; as the combination is indicative of the Scottish Highlands and evokes thoughts of roaring log fires, sheepskin rugs and soft candlelight with stag's heads adorning the walls.

Grey and white checked bedding

Texture plays a big part in creating a luxurious look and feel. Fur, chenille and velvet finishes instantly spring to mind when it comes to luxury textures; but warm-to-the-touch and super-soft brushed cottons can bring both luxury and practicality to a scheme; particularly for bedding. Beautiful and inviting to the touch, brushed cotton not only looks good but gives a seriously soft and snuggly  sleep experience too, so it's perfect for the Winter months.

Grey bedding with hedgehog repeat pattern White and light purple checked bedding Grey and light purple hedgehog bedding

Our Colville brushed cotton bedding set is a perfect choice for warming winter decor. This charming set is reversible and features a bold plaid on one side with a cheerful little hedgehog design on the reverse; and is available in a calming neutral palette or a beautifully rich and absorbing plum tone.

Lavender floral patterned bedding

Don't think that a Winter appropriate colour scheme limits you to just red or neutral palettes though. The lifestyle image above features our Winter Fern Bedding and shows how combining less traditional tones of duckegg and mauve can create a light, crisp and uplifting colour palette. Just the right amount of natural wood tones, rope and textured finishes, balances the look perfectly so that it doesn't become cold and uninviting.

Blue, red and white checked bedding

Blue isn't a colour traditionally associated with warming winter decor either, but light blue wood wash on the walls, a deep navy on the bedding, a touch of red and a good measure of neutral tones are tied in with a good mix of natural wood and leather finishes here; for a youthful but sophisticated ski-lodge style theme.

Grey and beige checked bedding

And of course the hunting lodge is synonymous with log cabins and Winter retreats and can't fail to bring to mind iconic images of stags, deer, foxes and hounds. 

Beige fabric with a deer repeat pattern Black bedding with large stag deer printed image on itBeige fabric with repeat pattern deer pattern

And whether your preference is a subtle accent on a cushion or a bold statement piece, as with our Caledonian Stag Bedding; you can't fail to acknowledge that there's something superbly stately, but at the same time serene, about the proud and majestic stance of a stag!

Red and blue checked bedding Blue, red and green checked bedding

And whilst we're still talking  hunting lodges, the Highlands spring to mind again; and traditional Scottish plaids and tartans in deep reds, bottle greens and navy blues, translate well into interior decor for luxuriously stylish and warming winter retreats.

Shop The Look - Are you ready to retreat to your own personal luxury log cabin this season? Here's some more  Luxury Lodge inspiration to help you to transform your home for less this Winter.

Beige and red checked cushion on a leather armchair Blue, red and cream checked cushion on a leather armchair Grey and white checked cushion on a leather armchair Beige fabric with repeat pattern stag design Cream cushion with large stag face printed design Cream fabric with repeat pattern deer head design Cream, red and gold checked cushion Dark grey and white checked cushion Light grey and greige checked cushion Red and brown checked fabric Cream, red and beige checked fabric Beige, green and red checked fabric Red and white checked bedding Grey and white checked bedding Green and orange checked bedding Beige and faint blue checked fabric Grey and light grey checked fabric Grey and beige checked fabric Red and blue checked fabric White, grey and black checked bedding Blue and light blue checked bedding Grey checked fabric Purple checked fabric Beige, red and gold striped fabric Red and gold checked fabric Red and gold striped fabric Beige and ered pin striped fabric Grey and red pin striped fabric Black bedding with white stag head printed design Grey and beige checked fabric

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