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Retro living room ideas for your home

If you want your living room to look as though you’ve travelled back in time, a retro living room may be the answer. With such a design, you can mix together styles from different eras so that you can enjoy a little bit of everything. Timeless pieces such as teak consoles, antique globes and hanging chairs can add charisma and personality to your living space. However, you don’t have to go full retro if that doesn’t appeal to you. Retro and modern can be combined together, if you prefer to add a dash of a particular era without getting lost in the madness of the period as a whole. Whatever you go for – retro never goes out of style because funky elements will always rule today and tomorrow. Explore our retro living room ideas if you want to give your space stylish oomph from the past.

Nothing Says Retro Like Colour

When you think of retro living room ideas, a colourful room comes to mind immediately. Retro is an appealing way to approach décor when style is involved. This is because you can mix vibrant wall shades, furniture and accessories, to establish a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. Bright hues of blue, yellow, orange and green, as well as teal and brown, can be combined and matched to perfection if you focus on the whole layout. Go ahead and also welcome colourful patterns, as they will look gorgeous against plain yet vibrant pieces in the room.

Forest green can be a wonderful option to take your living room back in time. You may worry that it’s too dark, however, in a place that has plenty of natural light – the green can be gorgeous. Imagine maintaining this retro aesthetic with tan leather sofas and stacks of books on the windowsills of expansive sash windows. Continue with the Matrix curtain in orange, as the forest green and orange will bring to life the feel-good atmosphere. You’ll feel as though you have been taken back to the times of elegant drawing rooms.

Accessorise Wisely

When it comes to retro living room ideas, not everything has to be about your furniture arrangement. You can include details even without investing in new furniture pieces or entirely rearranging the space. This is where accessories come in, particularly if your living room is fairly neutral at the moment. To begin with, you can use stunning vintage rugs, as they’ll not only add a splash of colour to the space, but give it comforting warmth too. There are also many other possibilities to explore with textures on curtains, sofa covers and decorative cushions. The Leah Roman blind in zest is the perfect addition to your living room if you want it to ooze retro. And if you feel like there’s still something missing from the space, why not opt for a gallery wall along with a vibrant lick of paint for your shelves or coffee table? This should do the trick nicely!

Embrace the Floor Lamp Trend

If there’s still something missing from your old-but-new lounge – floor lamps are the answer. After all, they’ve been a key aspect of all retro living rooms, and today, there are plenty of designs to choose from to master the fashionable retro living space. To add, good and proper illumination is very important. Therefore, it’s good measure to identify which areas of your living room could benefit from lighting.

Futuristic Modern and Retro Fusion

Add your own special twist to the retro design and mix it with a futuristic modern aesthetic for your living room. To still keep with the retro theme, opt for what would have been considered futuristic 40 to 50 years ago. Start with geometric designs first, for instance sleek and geometrical furniture mixed with accessories showcasing geometrical shapes. Don’t forget to throw in vibrant colouring as well! Finish with a futuristic style integrated TV, as it’s a fantastic way to get into the exploration of this particular modern retro style of décor.

Make a Statement with Wall Art

Nothing shouts modern retro more than some striking wall art in the living room. This works especially well if the rest of the space showcases soft tones and minimalism. You don’t necessarily need to use Andy Warhol pop art – unless you wish to – as you have all the freedom in the world to pick the ideal wall piece for your lounge. Generally, bright pops of colour, patterns and contrasts work best for retro living room ideas. Remember – the larger the scale of the wall art, the more effective the overall look will turn out. If you want to push the boat out, why not make your own wall art or even go for self-adhesive wallpaper? It’s an inexpensive, no-fuss solution.

Retro style is a very broad term, and as such offers countless creative possibilities for all those interested in using it for their own living room. Whilst this may involve some research, preparation and brainstorming, it will undeniably be worth it once you discover the perfect approach. Hopefully, our retro living room ideas have tickled your design tastebuds and left you with plenty of ideas on how to transform your living space, into the ideal mix of the old and new.

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