Re-Vamping Your Living Space - Colour Tonic

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

In the cold winter months a colour scheme dominated by a dark colour may make you feel warm and secure but by the time spring comes, the same colour scheme can feel suffocating and dreary. A change is in order but it may not be necessary to repaint the whole room. If you are just looking for a pick-me-up then look at your current decoration and see if one wall or section could use a little face lift.

Stay within your chosen colour scheme but take one wall a few shades lighter or buy a bold contrasting colour to add zest. Colour tonics mean you can wake up every morning feeling refreshed and joyful and it can be a complete overhaul of your existing design, or just a few unique touches to expand on what you already love about your own personal space.

Green - Laid-back and Well-balanced

Green can put an ease on difficult emotions - creating a relaxing environment where one can simply kick-back and forget about the day. Too much green though can have a slightly negative effect and make a person demotivated. Balance things out by using a complimentary colour of red in splashes around the room such as adding a patterned rug, scatter cushions or patterned ready made curtains or Roman blinds to add subtle injections of red.

Red – Romantic Notions and Encouragement

Red is often used in dining spaces as it stimulates the appetite, but for someone who has a tendency to overeat - red might not be such a good idea! Brought into the bedroom it can create a romantic environment or more intense depending on the tone. Generally speaking, the lighter the tone is, the closer it comes to feelings of passion and love, the darker you go the more intense a mood becomes. Pale red or pink duvet covers offer a romantic look with feminine touches.

Yellow - Happy, Energised and a Stimulated Mind

Yellow is warm like the sunshine and can stimulate the mind for intelligent thinking. This colour can bring happiness in the home and light to smaller or darker rooms. Entrance halls look good with yellow painted walls to set an overall happy and uplifting feeling on entering your home. It can help more than white in rooms that don't have a lot of natural light, eliminating a gloomy feeling into one of joy and appreciation. Kitchens work well with yellow too - again, stimulating the appetite but in a milder way when compared to red or orange.

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