Putting The Emphasis On Comfort - Part 2 - Dining-rooms

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

In the dining room the main focus is usually the table. Wooden tables make the best dining tables as they are usually the most sturdy and reliable. Glass tables take a lot of care to look after and can get scratched easily. Although they may look good they’re not really suited for day to day use.

The type of wood for your dining table depends on the overall theme you are going for. Upholstered chairs can be plain or patterned. However, if you have a complicated pattern be sure to keep the rest of the room simple. High backed upholstered chairs look very chic.

Light or pastel colours look great with light wood. You can even paint your table and chairs to get the look you want. Sometimes just adding colour can turn a boring dining room into an inviting one. Bold colours look best with dark woods to make them really stand out. You can also accessorise the table with matching vases or decorations.

Remember to keep the colour scheme throughout the room and don’t forget your window dressings. Simple curtains can make the room look stylish without taking the attention away from the table. Tab top curtains are perfect for this and ideal if you have a curtain pole but don’t have the curtain rings. Curtain poles with decorative details on the ends can stop the window looking boring.

These can be bought from any curtain poles UK supplier. Window seats with a table and chairs can create a cosy breakfast nook rather than a traditional dining room. These can look quirky and give a country cottage feel. For these small dining areas use white and fresh citrus colours to make it look bigger. Try white decorative chairs for a more quirky look or if you want a rustic feel wicker chairs can make a dining area look very inviting.

Rugs are good for bringing the theme of the room together whether you have a contemporary modern look or a rustic country look. If your dining room is situated near the window, a roller blind can create a nice backdrop. Patterned blinds are good even if they are only partly patterned. You don’t have to spend a fortune, cheap roller blinds are just as good. If you’re feeling creative you can add some details yourself to plain blinds with stencils and fabric paint. You can achieve the look you want without the cost!

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