Put spring into your home – part 3 - bathrooms

Bring a fresh new look at your bathroom this spring by opting for a completely white décor. This will sit very nicely with the trend to return to white bathroom suites, to add touches of spring simply place lime green foliage plants as part of your accessorising. Bathrooms have moved away from being cluttered and cramped spaces and if there's one room that really deserves a makeover it has to be the bathroom!

Do a way with outdated décor and simply pay everything white! If you don't feel like stripping the tiles off the walls it's even possible to buy paint which has been specifically designed for covering glazed tiles. It's also a good idea to take a look at your window, although making the window larger involves more than a simple makeover it will change the whole appearance of the room, allowing masses of natural light to flood in.

Historically bathroom windows have etched or patterned frosted glass which provides privacy during the daytime, however the latest interior design trends are doing away with this type of glass and opting for plain glass as this provides more light. It may be a case that with the latest window dressings the need for frosted glass is no longer necessary. Cheap Venetian blinds are available in a whole host of different colours and styles which have been treated to withstand the humid atmospheres of bathrooms.

If possible you can make more space in a small bathroom by putting a skylight style window in place of the small standard window. This also does away with the necessity of needing privacy as the window faces the sky rather than the street! At night skylight roller blinds can easily be pulled down if you prefer not to gaze at the stars. Alternatively cheap roller blinds are also a good idea as during the day they will take up little space at the top of the window.

The latest styles of skylight roller blinds will stay in place when pulled down, or you could simply have voile curtains which are held in place top and bottom by tension rods. To achieve this type of stunning bathroom style you would have to be very strict about the no clutter rule! Have open shelves on which to place pretty bottles and ornaments which are in keeping with your theme everything else must be put away in cupboards. Make a feature of your towels by hanging them either from a bespoke towel rail or for any country cottage feel an old ladder is very on-trend.

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