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Preparing for the festive season - kitchens part 2

The key to enjoying your Christmas is to be well organised and not a slave in the kitchen! Basic cleaning carried out everyday is far easier than having to tackle a large sink for of dirty dishes, for those who don't have the advantage of a dishwasher!

As you will spending some time at the kitchen sink preparing vegetables and washing-up make the most of this time to look out over your garden! If you have ready made Roman blinds you can successfully utilise two different types and colours and materials to coordinate with your kitchen décor.


The great advantage of Roman or roller blinds is that you can pull them to the top of the window to give you an unobstructed view of the outside world, as well as letting the maximum amount of light into your kitchen during the daytime and of course at night they provide you with complete privacy.


If your kitchen window looks out onto the road you may prefer to have the Venetian or vertical blinds as these can be tilted and adjusted to give you sufficient light to work with as well as stopping prying eyes from seeing inside your home.


If you have a farmhouse style kitchen a great window dressing are kitchen curtains in a café style used at the bottom half of the window. Use lightweight café rod style curtain rails for a chic and stylish look which is in keeping with your interior design style.


If you have work surfaces without fitted cupboards underneath adding curtain rails and fitting checked or gingham fabric will hide any untidy areas! Likewise if you have open shelving you could use a roller blind, which is easy to fit, to provide a suitable covering that gives easy access.


You could always add some festive cheer to your kitchen by having bowled all of fresh fruits associated with Christmas such as oranges and satsumas, not forgetting a bowl of nuts in their shells for people to crack!


You should also remember to add either bowls of pot-pourri which have smells associated with Christmas such as mulled wine! You could even produce your own festive kitchen decorations by using citrus fruits spiked with cloves.


Try and prepare as much as you can on Christmas Eve so that you can enjoy Christmas Day with family and friends relaxing and having fun!


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