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Preparing for the festive season – guest bedrooms part 1

If it's your turn to have the family to stay during the festive season you can brighten your guest bedrooms inexpensively and effortlessly!

The quickest way to make a guest bedroom look fresh and new is to change the bedding! As the bed takes up most of the room it automatically becomes the focal point and the first thing your guests will see when they walk into the room!


Cheap bedding sets are available in a whole host of different styles and designs to suit your colour scheme and design style of your home. Liven up a small guest rooms with bright and lively bedding sets which have a white background colour as these will automatically make the room look and feel fresh. Always opt for bedding sets which have matching pillow cases to complete the look!


Choose a patterned bedding set which has the same colour as your window dressing and it will create a chic style which looks as if you have given a lot of time and thought into the design! On the other hand if you have patterned curtains it will be best to choose a plain bedding set to create the same stunning new look!


Should your window dressing really be worse for wear, simple plain Venetian blinds are a great option, simply choose white and it will make a small room appear larger as well as giving your guests privacy during the night and plenty of natural light during the day. Opt for the latest wand style operating system to make life easy and safe for everyone.


These can be used as the sole window dressing and are best when fitted within the recess of the window casing. The are available in a wide range of alternative colours if you prefer not to have white, as with curtains select a colour which compliments one of the colours in patterned duvet covers.


If you have a street lamp outside the bedroom window blackout roller blinds will help your guests a good nights sleep and stop any grumbling in the morning!

Don't forget to think the all important finishing touches such as an extra blanket which can be neatly folded across the foot of the bed for a stylish look. Not many people put festive decorations up in a bedroom, a vase of seasonal greenery would look great and make your guests feel really welcome!


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