Magical christmas colour schemes – red, red wine!

Homes which are not being inundated by excited children this Christmas can opt for a more sophisticated interior colour scheme which reflects the needs of adults! Red wine, claret, burgundy, port, along with cranberry and holly berry red are great choices for lounges and dining rooms.

Whether you opt for Christmas tree or not is purely a matter of personal preference, however just because there are no children around doesn't mean that you have to have a boring and uninviting magical Christmas colour scheme within your home.


Take this opportunity to add refined elegance to your rooms, especially if you are having a Christmas party for adults! Use these gorgeous red shades and tones to make your home look lively, yet homely and welcoming. Rather than a tree why not have twisted branches either left natural or spray painted gold or silver and randomly hand the smallest red baubles you can find?


In the dinging room or lounge use full length red curtains, either plain or patterned as red is the colour which increases appetite as well as being a traditional Christmas colour. Ready made curtains are available at incredibly low costs, use with black, silver or gold coloured curtain poles to coordinate with your furniture to bring an inexpensive, yet festive feel to your home.


If you want to also use the latest window dressing trend of using both curtains and blinds at your windows, using a natural wood or bamboo roller blind it an effective way to impress your guests along with being very kind to your pocket!

In modern and contemporary interiors this layering of window dressings is becoming extremely popular as it does not only give your window chic styling double layering also helps to retain heat within your rooms, along with being the ideal way to ensure privacy.


Traditionally styled interiors, which have swag and tail curtains, have been using roller blinds and curtains together for many years with great effect, however the latest in-trend of layering enables you to have different colours and materials, rather than matching, which brings a whole new look to windows and interiors.

This Christmas, add a touch of festive magic to your home's colour by using traditional red in a mature way, thinking along the lines of the finest red wines and the warming comfort they can bring!

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