Living room love: going natural

Using organic and natural materials remain on-trend this year and with the economy threatening to drop into a triple-dip recession many of us with be using innovative ways to decorate or homes without having to dig too deeply into our pockets. You can give your living room some love by introducing calming colours, these don't have to be bland and boring especially if you include lots of tactile and textured fabrics and materials into the mix.

Natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool can be used for soft furnishings, include soft touch-me fabrics to make your living feel warm and inviting. Introduce wood elements if you don't already have them. Coffee tables, informal storage can all be made from sustainable woods. Wooden flooring remains on-tend and many are made from reclaimed woods if you look around you'll find some great natural colours which will bring a beautiful look to your living room.

For your window dressing go for white curtains in 100% cotton or bamboo roller blinds – (bamboo is an ideal lightweight window dressing and as it re-grows quickly after being harvested it's a great sustainable source of natural materials). There's lots of colour choices and different styles of blinds and ready made curtains online so you'll find just the type and style to suit your interior design style and colour scheme.

Leather and animal hides will also bring natural materials into your living room. A timeless classic, leather has been for decades to cover chairs and sofas. The trend for distressed leather remains on-trend and is perfect for industrial loft styled interiors along with a more formal traditional living room. As the leather will soften after a while make sure you take care of it properly, distressed maybe on-trend but torn and ripped isn't.

Drape wool throws casually over the arms of chairs and sofas to make your living room appealing and welcoming. Cushions with floral and fauna motifs are ideal accompaniments to your natural look, more especially if they're made from unbleached linen or natural cotton. Wooden floors are ideal for natural living rooms, bring softness under foot by adding hide rugs – sheepskin are gorgeously soft and fluffy while animal hide with give plain flooring a touch of colour.

Look at all aspects of your living room, from floor to ceiling and everything in between. Use natural fabrics and materials when and where ever you can and you'll find that it doesn't have to be expensive to have a living room you love.

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