Linda barker: 5 unique ways to include art influences in interior design

Our home is a place to express ourselves freely, and art allows us to do just that, as it has long shaped interior design. So, no matter the size or style of home, artistry influences can be incorporated. Think about all the places you have visited and then ask yourself; would they be the same without art? Absolutely not! You may think it is only limited to paintings, portraits, or sculptures. However, this could not be further from the truth! Such a craft can take the form of a variety of things, from furniture to window treatments. We have teamed up with Linda Barker, for an exclusive collection, inspired by Linda’s own garden and designed to look like painted artwork. It is a stunning range featuring fabrics, curtains, roller and roman blinds. To celebrate, we are sharing with you our top five art influences, to give your interiors a touch of class. Before you know it, your humble abode will be a piece of art itself!


Representing all things new and progressive, first up we have modernism. The art movement began in the late 1800s and ran all the way through to the 70s. Its concept symbolises idealism and the perfect world. This led to a need for minimalism and lucidity, at a time, where the world was chaotic. Patterns and motifs were replaced by gentle, geometric styles, and simple shapes were used to represent life. When decorating your home in this style, think key furniture pieces. Some retro and some tangible contemporary exteriors. Or a deluxe hi-tech finish, combined with natural materials like wood. Simple forms, clean lines and strong colours, native of this movement, will freshen up your home.

Art Deco

Arts Decoratifs appeared in Paris, in the early 1920s and lasted until the late 1930s. It offered everyone the chance to mimic luxury within their homes. The movement symbolised a blend of vivid colours, striking geometry, and glamourous fabrics. If you want your interiors to echo both luxury and adventure simultaneously, this one is for you! To master this movement, work with deep yellows, reds, blues, greens, pinks, and purples. These should be accompanied by gentler creams and beiges, to relax and soften the aesthetic. Glam windows up with glitzy curtains, to add opulence and elegance to any room. Art deco was all about pushing boundaries. That means if you want white wallpaper with a black feather print in the living room, or a tiger print rug in the boudoir – go for it!


With surrealism – there are no limits! It explores dreams, the unconscious mind, and embraces irrationality. Surrealist interior décor is daring, imaginative, fearless, and grandiose. If you are a bookworm, you will most definitely want a part of your home to show off all your favourite reads. A floating library saves space and brings charm to your home, whilst leaving tons of room to display miniature artwork and figurines. This movement joined the indoors and outdoors, establishing comfort exotically.

Window treatments imitating the outdoors are the perfect way to bring the outside in. What better way to do this than with the gorgeous, Dotties Love roller blind? It recreates the countryside within your interiors, instantly lifting your mood with its flowery artwork. Surrealism is great if you want to catch people’s eyes. With a lot of us working from home now, sprucing up your house’s office is a must! Fornasetti wallpaper brings to life the dreamy element of surrealism. So, why not go for one displaying the night sky or the bouncy clouds, for that ethereal feel? This will be enough to make anyone enjoy working from home!

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau flourished across Europe and the US between 1890 and 1910. Its ornamental characteristics featured flowers, buds, insect wings, and other graceful elements of nature. When it comes to home interiors, think curvy shapes, mustard, olive, deep red shades, and asymmetrical line work. If you like all-things quirky, you can bring this to life with art nouveau. A dining room table made from timber and incorporated with metal inserts in bizarre shapes, represents this movement perfectly. It is eccentric and odd, and definitely eye catching! This art movement means a floral presence is mandatory, and what better way to honour this, than with curtains bursting with botanicals? Our collection with Linda Barker can help achieve art nouveau down to a T! Her take on florals captures everything evocative of this style. For instance, take the stunning, Octavias Tangle curtain. It will transform any room in your home, into a work of art within minutes!

Pop Art

This expressive and enthusiastic style of art arose in the 1950s, with its main goal being to drive surprise and shock. It teased and celebrated society’s fixation with ostentatious consumerism and mass-produced items. From advertising images, iconic public figures to everyday branded products; pop art transformed them all. This influence exudes bright colours, so if you want your interiors to symbolise life in a rainbow, let pop art take over! For those daring enough to embrace it head on, a typography print in your kitchen may just be what your home needs. Transform an otherwise neutral kitchen into a space bursting with energy, with funky large letters and bold colours. Pop art is especially ideal for decorating teen bedrooms.

Bring dynamism to their room with bold block letters, powerful primary shades, and large wall stickers of their favourite superhero. Before you know it, they will have a heroic space, getting them ready to take on the world every morning. When it comes to furniture, think bright hues with catchy patterns, like glossy surfaces or plastic. This is your chance to have a hot pink sofa and chandelier, and not be frowned upon! The birth of graffiti in the 1980s gave pop art a gritty makeover. So, why not incorporate sprayed imagery? It could be a family portrait or one of your much-loved pets. Whatever you choose, we guarantee it will make a statement within your home. The bolder, the better!

Linda Barker x Terrys

Trust us when we say – there really is nothing on the market, alike to this fantastic, new collection with Linda Barker. Surrounded by vibrant veggies, pretty plants and a wonderful, wildflower meadow, she has taken these beautiful views and put a modern twist on them. The range offers fabrics in velvet and natural cotton. This means you can recreate the opulence of art deco, with the Elsie curtain in green velvet. Or the softness of modernism, with the Ursula roller blind in cream cotton. A fabulous range of British cushions is in the works too – so watch this space!

There you have it – our five favourite art movements rocking interiors in 2021! Hopefully within each of these styles, there will be elements you can adopt in crafting your own home. Plus, our fantastic Linda Barker collection will transform your design journey. It takes both the boldness and simplicity of art, to create the most unique interior.

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