Interior Designs for Small Bathrooms – Clever Storage Solutions

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Maximising the space in your bathroom by using clever storage solutions is one way you can change the dynamics of your bathroom. Using large floor and wall tiles in light colours is just one way to open-up your bathroom to make it feel and look bigger. Cream bathroom interior with sloping roof and red accent colours Storage space may be limited, however, free standing units can hold all of your toiletries, keeping the room completely clutter free. Vanity units are also a great way of keeping things off the floor and out of sight. If you have a pedestal basin making a fabric curtain which extends all the way round not only looks stylish but can add a pop of colour and pattern to liven your bathroom up. Why not swap your standard size bath for a smaller one?

This can really free up some much needed space and works well when an over the bath shower is used more frequently than the bath itself. There's some very stylish small baths available to suit all styles of bathrooms. Floating basins and toilets are bang on-trend and offer a clutter-free look, especially for the flooring area. Shelving is another great storage solution for small bathrooms. Rather than just putting up a plain shelf choose one which ties in with your bathroom's style.

You can paint wooden shelves to match your décor and if you use a high gloss paint the surface's reflective properties will help move light around the room. Polished chrome fittings will also help move light around the room; keeping them bright and shiny will also provide an airiness to the room. As every bathroom needs a mirror use this not only as a necessity but also as a decorative feature. Typically placed over the basin a larger mirror can give the illusion of more space.

Use Venetian, roller or Roman blinds as your window dressing, curtains maybe on-trend but they'll make a small bathroom look over crowed and cramped. Having a Roman blind which matches a basin fabric skirt will add a positive touch of design flair to the room. Try and think outside the box a little, remember times have changed and just because your bathroom has always had the bog-standard fixtures and fittings doesn't mean you have to stick with them year after year. Having a small bathroom also has some very positive advantages – namely they don't take too much time or expense to be re-vamped and up-dated.

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