Interior Design Styles – Cool Country

Give your home a cool country charm by using light, neutral colours and keeping things simple. This interior design style has stood the test of time and every year modern alternatives are included if you want a more up to-date look without losing the sense of the style. Take a look at some of the ideas below and give your home a cool country look even if you don't live in a chocolate box country cottage in the middle of rural England.

Cosy Kitchens

Country kitchens are warm and cosy in the cooler months and light and airy during the summer. The heart of the country home, country style typically means white or pale coloured cabinets and walls with accents via soft furnishings and accessories. To get the look, whether you want traditional country or a more modern style, keep things simple. Add pattern and texture via window dressings, blinds or window length curtains. Coordinating seat pads, tea towels with a theme such as sun flowers, chickens or cherries provides an instant cool country motif.

In the Living Room

Cosy spaces that focus around an open fire or log burner bring a cool country home that focuses on the simpler things in life are traditional, however, bring the look up to-date with on-trend knits on cushions and throws for sofas and chairs, while textured rugs look fabulous on stripped floor boards.

Country Style Bedroom

Traditionally country style revolved around hand-crafted soft furnishings, and none more so than in the bedroom where patchwork quilts were the norm. Today the look remains on-trend, however, you don't have to spend hours creating a hand-made patchwork, you can get them ready-made to achieve the look in an instant.

Country Accessories

Accessories are vital if you're going to get the country look right. Lighting plays a key role and can make or break your decorating scheme. Add the correct type of light shade, table and floor lamps and your home will easily take on a cosy, comfortable ambience.
Cushions and throws will help add to the country theme. You can stay plain or use the opportunity to add an accent colour and texture. Flowers and country themes are perfect choices along with cushions and throws that have a hand-crafted look.
Add a rug or two to add another textural element to a room. There's plenty to chose from, plain or patterned, but make sure they coordinate with your colour scheme and overall pattern theme. Rugs are an essential addition forany room, including the kitchen, if you want an authentic country look.