Interior Design Styles: Art Deco

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Art Deco is an interior design style which still influences many people and their homes. The style began in the 1920s in Europe, however, it didn't really become popular in the UK until after WW1 and lasted until the out-break of WW2. Probably one of the greatest aspects of Art Deco is that it wasn't solely for the wealthy.

Mass production enable everyone to include some aspects of the style into their homes. As safaris to Africa were extremely popular (for those who could afford it) animal skins, tortoise shell and mother of pearl soon made their way into people's homes.

During this era the Egyptian pyramids were also being discovered, as such tourist sized sphinxes and pyramids also became fashionable accessories. Art Deco is stylised by geometric patterns and sharp angular shapes. Reflective surfaces were considered essentials, shiny chrome, fabrics with a surface sheen, mirrors and glass epitomises this interior design style. Veneered cabinets and furniture became extremely popular, with the lighter coloured veneers adding to the light and airy ambience.


Parquet flooring or lino with abstract patterns, particularly black and white chequerboard, were usually cover with rugs which also had abstract patterns. If you want to get the Art Deco look buy rugs direct as you'll have plenty of choices.


Cream, green and eau-de-nil are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms, while bolder colours of black, red, silver or chrome are perfect for making a grand entrance in halls.


A lamp portraying a women holding a ball is one of the most recognisable Art Deco accessories.


You can use plain or opt for geometric patterns such as zigzags, lightening bolts and chevrons for curtains both of which can be found from an online fabric warehouse, use plain blocks of colour for cushions. Satin and furs were also included to give the Hollywood look to homes, although today faux furs would probably be more appropriate to use than the genuine article.

Hollywood glamour also became the mainstay for many bedrooms, with high-gloss and shiny surfaces, black and silver colour combinations the order of the day. As the bedroom was a one place people could let their hair down so to speak, satin bedding and duvet covers UK would be a great choice if you want to add a touch of Art Deco glam to your bedroom!

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