Interior Design Ideas using White in Your Home Office

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

We tend to think of home offices as something new, however, they've been around for decades with mansions and large stately homes having impressive, and often oppressive, offices filled with enormous oak desks, leather chairs and all the grandiose of the wealthy.

Today homes have home offices tucked into the corner of another room or a spare room dedicated as an office. In stark contrast from the original offices, today's home offices are light and airy and decorated with their purpose in mind. For example, a home office for someone working from home as an architect, designer or within the beauty industry is more likely to use white as the dominant colour.

Traditional Interiors

As we've mentioned traditional home offices where rooms where only the man of the house was allowed. Often integrated within the home's library, white would have been the last colour you'd find! Writing slopes were the choice of women who weren't sufficiently privileged to use the actual office. As grandeur was the order of the day large rugs, more often than not animal skins, were used to show-off, quite literally, the wealth of the home owner.

Modern Interiors

Modern home offices are squeezed into a variety of small spaces in many people's homes unless there's a vacant bedroom or an actual office which can be used. I think that you'll agree that the colour scheme of a modern home office will be chosen to suit the industry, whether it be commercial or purely for home use. All white offices can look a little sterile, which is why white is used for industries associated with the need for sterile environments as it denotes cleanliness and hygiene.

White isn't solely used for beauty clinics; people who work on detailed drawings, hand or computer aided, will need as much natural light as possible, having white walls will help to keep the room bright even on overcast and rainy days. With so much light coming into the room window dressings need to be chosen carefully. White curtains will allow natural light to flood into the room and give a more informal look than blinds. However, curtains aren't that effect at giving you control over the natural light, whereas Venetian and vertical blinds are. You can adjust the louvres to suit the sun's position in the sky, as well as allowing for the entire window to be unobstructed if you so wish.

Contemporary Interiors

White remain the most popular colour choice for contemporary interiors, including home offices. Bright injections of colour will also be found via wall art and accessories, again depending on what activities the office is used for.

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