Interior Design Ideas to Decorating a Rental Property – Flooring

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Flooring, or lack of it, can make a marked difference on the look of a room. If your rented home has thread bare carpets or laminate flooring there's a quick and instant way to make your rooms look more stylish and feel homely and that's to use rugs. Cheap rugs can make a real difference to every room, from living rooms to bathrooms and bedrooms.

Choosing large rugs to living rooms can do more than hide stained and thread bare carpets – they can help to ground your colour scheme as well as providing much needed comfort for feet in bedrooms and bathrooms. Even if the flooring of your rental property is in good condition it may still be worth investing in cheap rugs to help protect high traffic areas from becoming damaged or stained, it's very easy to unwittingly traipse dirt and debris into your home on the soles of shoes and boots.

Remember when you leave your rental you'll be expected to leave all aspects of the property in the same condition when you first moved in. Many people forget that carpet and wooded floor cleaning can be expensive – and many landlords won't accept your efforts of stain removal, you'll be obliged to call in professional carpet and floor cleaners.

As such it's far easier to use a collection of cheap rugs which can simply be rolled up and taken with you when you move. Although we're looking at flooring it's also worth mentioning that large rugs can also be used as an effective wall hanging – a great way to bring depth, colour and texture into a lifeless room. Large rugs have been used for many years, in many countries as wall hangings – just ensure that you hang them correctly.

Metal or wooden curtain poles with additional curtain pole brackets can be used for medium and heavy weight rugs. A simple bamboo pole will be sufficient for lightweight rugs. Persian traders are known to have rolled up their rugs and taken them on their nomadic journeys – not only to bring colour and warmth to walls, they were also used to muffle noises – another good reason to use them if your flat or apartment has paper thin walls! In the bedroom, rugs used as wall hung headboards may help save your blushes when you meet with fellow residents and neighbours!

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