Interior design ideas – looking forward to christmas – bedrooms

Today we're going to concentrate on interior design ideas for bedrooms, paying particular attention to master bedrooms rather than guest rooms as we'll be looking at those a little later on this week. Just because it's your bedroom doesn't mean that over the festive season it should be neglected! Keep in the festive spirit and perk-up your bedroom, not necessarily with decorations, but with fresh bedding and duvet cover sets.

As we know the weather will eventually drop below zero – over the festive season bring a little touch of your 'inner child' into your bedroom by using bed throws and bedding blankets to keep you toasty warm! These don't have to be old fashioned as the latest styles have embraced the latest interior design trends with a whole host of different colours and patterns to suit modern living.

Adding bed throws is also a great way to bring comfort to your bed as well as enabling you to hold-fire before you turn on or up the central heating. Use festive accessories to your bedroom, a tiny tree with the 'special' presents from your partner placed underneath provides a romantic touch, it will also give you the opportunity for some time away from the rest of the family and guests – providing you with an intimate time with the special person in your life.

If you have a fireplace in your bedroom simple festive decorations, such as candles, holly and green foliage adds a festive feel without going over the top. (do remember to take care when using candles and never leave lit candles unattended. Pencil pleat curtains can also have a festive make-over simply by using tree decorations as tie-backs.

Alternatively you could hang baubles in descending lengths of ribbons from your curtain poles to add a chic and stylish touch to your room. Scatter cushions in festive patterns and colours are another easy and cost-effective and functional way of bringing festive cheer to your bedroom. Reds, greens, checked patterns or poinsettias designs are ideal for a traditional styled bedroom, whereas a contemporary styled room could have a small fibre optic tree to replace your usual bedside table lamp.

I think it's important for folk to have a 'private' room which has touches of festive cheer, more especially if you've been looking after family and guests all day as it can remind you of what the festive season is all about! P.S. Don't forget to hang your stocking out – you never know what Santa may bring!

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