Interior Design Ideas: Bedroom Colour Revivals – Yellow

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Yellow is another colour which comes and goes within popular colour choices for interiors and while bright canary yellows are still seen in contemporary interiors a more subdued yellow, Chartreuse is being paired with soft grey to make winning colour combinations which suit traditional and modern homes beautifully. Warm and relaxing, Chartreuse leans comfortably towards an olive green, and as we saw yesterday olive is the 'green' to be seen this year – without being entirely olive green Chartreuse is the ideal colour for those who like to be on-trend and actually don't like green!

The name comes from a French liqueur 'Chartreuse Traditional' which is made with 130 herbal extracts – colour-wise it's a 50-50 mix of green and yellow. Chartreuse is a popular drink in French ski resorts where it's mixed with hot chocolate and called Green Chaud (Green Hot). Chocolate brown and Chartreuse yellow is a great colour inspiration for interiors!

The name is by no means new, Chartreuse has been used to describe variations of green/yellow for centuries. Today it's making a revival and can be used as an accent or main base colour in bedrooms, and like Teaberry and coral when used with grey it makes the perfect stepping stone between masculinity and femininity. Use Chartreuse yellow  bed throws and luxury bedding against grey or off-white walls to create a stylish look in your bedroom. If you're bedroom is large try soft grey superking duvet covers and use the mellow yellow of Chartreuse as your accent colour.

For attic or loft bedroom skylight blinds in soft yellow will add a warm glow to the room while still allowing plenty of light during the day. Add large rugs with a deep soft pile to further enhance the luxury look. Wall art or patterned wallpaper is a good way of adding more interest to the room without distracting from the main focal point – which is usually the bed. Try and tie the colour combination together naturally so that the eyes take in every last details.

This natural flow and continuity will also create a peaceful and serene bedroom, as opposed to one that is too jumbled which makes the eyes dart around trying to make sense of the décor and furnishings. If you're looking for a new bedroom colour scheme which is fashionable try soft grey and Chartreuse mellow yellow and you'll have a warm glowing bedroom look which could be representative of Chartreuse Traditional French liqueur!

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