Interior Design Ideas: Adding A Touch of Teal to Guest Rooms

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Simple, yet smart, teal and brown colour combinations work extremely well in guest rooms. With a colour and style to suit either gender you'll have no worries letting guests stay in your home in comfort and style. Although it's your home and you can choose whichever colour scheme you like for your guest room, it has to be said that most of us don't want to offend any guests nor make it look like we favour one gender over another! With dark chocolate tones and jewelled teal shades your guest room will look chic without you having too worry.

Simplicity is also the key to creating a successful guest room and with this in mind it's easier to keep your guest room for its intended purpose than than it becoming lost in a myriad of everyday clutter which seems to appear from no-where and yet manages to find its way into our guest rooms! You can wrap you guests in luxury bedding and although sounds and looks expensive isn't in reality, but your guests will never know unless you tell them!

Plain colours work well and to add the luxury look choose bedding which has patterns woven into the fabric rather than an actual motif in another colour and duvet covers which are reversible. This will enable you to turn the duvet back (a very welcoming way to make a guest bed) and still remain true to your teal and brown colour scheme. Embroidered bed throws will not only add to the luxury look and feel, they're also handy to lay across the bottom of the bed should your guests feel a little chilly.

Coordinating bed cushions show that you've given the colour scheme and style of the room considerable thought. Blackout blinds can also be a good idea, particularly if you live in an area with lots of light pollution, alternatively bedroom curtains with a black-out lining would also do the trick very nicely. Choose chocolate brown or teal curtains to coordinate with your bedding and room's colour scheme. Other personal touches can be included to make your guests feel at home.

Bedside table, reading lamps, extra sleeping pillows, an easy chair (an ideal place for the bed cushions to be stowed overnight rather than the floor) and fresh flowers all add up to make a guest room look stylish and welcoming. Don't forget that it's the little personal touches which can make your guests feel at home. Click here to see our full range of stunning interior designer luxury bedding.

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