Inspiring ways to use fabric on your walls

Fabrics aren't purely for making soft furnishings and clothes. You can use them on your walls in a variety of different ways. Some have been used for many centuries, others are modern takes on age old uses, and some are ingenious methods of up-cycling fabrics that would otherwise be thrown away. Be inspired to use fabrics in a new way and bring colour, texture and pattern into your home.   Voile drape wall hangings

Lush Home

use metres of sheer lightweight fabric to cover an entire wall from floor to ceiling. This create a soft gentle wall covering which is great for covering imperfections or simply for creating chic style.   Fabric wall art

Creative Cain Cabin

If you have vintage fabrics you love use them to make wall displays.   fabric wall decor with pattern

Kid Space Stuff

Use fabric in place of wallpaper. It's easy to apply using starch and much easier to remove when it comes to redecorating as it simply peels off in one large strip.   Fabric accent wall pattern

Home Staging Accessories 2014

Use it as an accent pattern and colour wall covering.   Framed fabric wall art

Wall Deccor

Place luxury fabrics in glass covered panels as wall art.   Draped fabric in living room


Tapestries have been used as wall hangings for centuries; this use of fabrics still remains popular.   Padded fabric wall

MC London

Add aesthetic beauty to your rooms with a wall of padded fabric.   Over bed wall hanging

Interior Decorating

A modern wall hanging is a great way to add colour, pattern and texture to a plain wall. A good decorating tip for renters who aren't able to redecorate their accomodation.   Fabric paneled bedroom

Jamie Herzlinger

Give bedroom walls the same fabric and buttoned padding as the headboard for an luxurious and indulgent look.   Draped fabric wall hanging

Design Indulgences

Use a luxury fabric to give texture and movement as a focal point to a bedroom wall.

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