Inspiration from morocco 3: bathrooms

Have you ever been in a Hammam? Bathing time is important in Morocco and a Hammam is a part of the culture where one really slips into relaxation and rejuvenation. You can take on the same or a similar atmosphere to a traditional Hammam by creating your very own Spa bathroom dressed with Moroccan tiles and other aspects from this style of décor. Read below for some more inspiration...

  • This first bathroom has a spa feel to it and merges current decorating trends with the sun bleached feel of Morocco. Sun-bleached is a key word here as we take a light and earthy palette of sandstone and ecru to decorate the room, touches of glowing amber showing up in accents. Now you can cheat your way out from buying sandstone tiles if you are budgeting; ceramic tiles with a similar finish will save you some pennies - use them for flooring and to cover half of the wall. Above the tiles you can use an ecru coloured paint; do experiment with wall textures such as sponging for a rustic and again - 'sun-bleached' appearance! If purchasing a new suite, have a think about the spa bathroom you are aiming for with free-standing baths and round shaped basins with natural wood basin stand. For textiles we love the idea of sheer fabrics made into flowing tab top voile curtains - white would be our pick but you could play with colour here if you wanted more of an exotic feel. Complete the bathroom with touches of amber or a metallic in accents such as lanterns, bowels of fresh flowers floating atop shallow water and even a tea-set on a beautiful tray.
  • As I mentioned in the first post of this series, the Moroccan décor that will explode into interiors this year is open to personal expression and you can take any element and play with it. To expand, you might want to use jewel tones but in a different style of décor or you might just be playing with shapes such as the hexagonal tables. You could just take one element such as Moroccan inspired mosaic tiles for bathroom walls or by stencilling a pattern on the outer side of a claw-foot bath - do show off your creativity and have some fun with decorating!
  • I really love the more natural use of Moroccan décor that we are already seeing instead of the focus being on jewel tones - but that is just a personal preference. The use of natural sandstone or terracotta tiles in the bathroom and beautiful printed bathroom rug to step onto when it's chilly and sponging paint techniques for a slightly weathered effect on walls is definitely my thing! Add to that something more traditional in the way of bathing with a sunken bath and we are almost spot on... ready made blinds with a subtle Moroccan print, natural block colour or embroidered detail and a tea set at hand for brewing a sweet mint tea - what could be more relaxing?

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