Grey bedroom ideas for your home

It will come as no surprise that grey really is taking over the world of interiors. What may have first been considered a short-lived trend is definitely here to stay – with so many different shades and textures available it really is no surprise that grey is so popular in the world of interiors. Perfect for co-coordinating with a range of other shades from pastels to brights – there are so many colours to compliment grey. We are seeing so many homes with grey interiors, from kitchens to bedrooms alike.

Grey bed in a a grey bedroom

With such a wide choice when it comes to grey interiors it can sometimes be difficult to know which way to go – so, we have pulled together some of our favourite grey bedroom ideas including some co-coordinating colours, accessory ideas and shade choices.

Statement Slate

When you think of grey, dark grey is not necessarily the first shade to come to mind especially when it comes to bedroom design. However, a statement wall comprised of a slate grey colour can really bring a room to life. Slate is a complementary colour for many other shades – whether it be a range of other grey tones, black or white as well as bright colours of turquoise or coral. Pair a slate wall with a white bedframe and furniture but opt for a mid-grey bedding with turquoise accents for an interesting colour palette.

Pop of Pink

It is not new information that pink and grey work well together, but it is worth mentioning as they really do work so well together and there are so many options to use these two colours in harmony. If you prefer your room on the deeper side – you can opt for a deep charcoal and pair it with a bright fuchsia pink – these two colours work in perfect contrast and even work great with other bright colours such as mustard and turquoise if you’re looking for an eclectic colour palette.

Grey bedroom with a pink bed

On the other hand, soft pale grey is perfect for pairing with pastel pinks and even lilacs. Some grey tones are on the warmer side and actually have hints of these perfect pastels. Pair with floral motifs and lacy designs for something chic and soft.

Keeping it Cool

If you prefer to keep your interiors on the cooler side, there are plenty of grey tones for you. Grey is a cool tone anyway but throw a bit of blue into the mix and you can make it that bit cooler. Blue is a calming colour which is why it is so popular in the world of interiors. Cool grey tones work great, not only with bright blues, but also with pastel and duck egg blues. A mix of soft cool grey, white and duck egg would provide the perfect cool multi-tonal colour palette for bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms.


For smaller rooms, some people may be a little worried about grey. After all, in small spaces we are often told to avoid darker colours and only think about light. However, if you stick to the lighter end of the grey spectrum, you’ll be able to brighten up the smallest rooms. Not only that but paired with silver and plenty of mirrored surfaces and you’ll be surprised just how big the room can feel. Pale grey walls paired with white and mirrored furniture in addition to some sparkly accents could provide a total makeover which will open up the space greatly.

We really can’t see grey going anywhere anytime soon in the world of interiors, so it is definitely worth the hype. Not only is there so many grey shades to choose from but it is such a versatile colour that you could constantly change your room design by just swapping a few accessories around.

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