Green With Envy 7: Home Offices

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday...we bring our final post on Green With Envy and hand out some inspiration for going green in the home office. I think that green is a great hue for the home office as it can be both inspiring and will soothe any complex thoughts; depending on the intensity you choose, green can also stimulate creative thought and keep you going on those long days!

If you don't have a designated room for your home office and are having to use a piece of free wall space in another room, there is nothing to say you can't get the feeling that this is your working space. Through creating zones and having everything at hand, your office space whether it is in the living room, your bedroom or kitchen, will ultimately feel like a living, working home office!

If you are having to crawl the walls, this first idea will help you to plan and come up with a winning design. You will need to choose a green that you can live with throughout the room as it will be visible from all angles; we recommend choosing a desirable green and painting all the walls with it – this will link the room together.

After linking the room though, the next task is to zone your office space and this can be done with the use of a large area rug, perhaps with a colourful pattern. Your furniture is an important aspect of setting up the home office as it is likely you have minimal space to work with but lots of office supplies to store and have at hand.

Look for a unit that is built around the desk with open shelving taking up the entire wall – having open shelving will give the impression of more space as your background colour shows through. Depending on your personal style, you might like wicker baskets of different sizes to place on shelves and accommodate all your bits and pieces. Cheap table lamps in green and some green potted plants are ideal accessories for getting you through the working day. If you are running your own business from home and it involves more than just computer work, it might be worth your while to have a room designated to the work office where you can focus on all your tasks without distractions.

To get the creative thoughts flowing, choose a fresh palette that is inspiring yet easy on the eye – paint walls or a focal wall in a yellow-green and have ceilings and woodwork in white. You will want to be comfortable with the reminder that this is your personal space so do take advantage of a large area floor rug in beige and get the professional feel for less with cheap Venetian blinds.

Choose matching pieces for furniture in white, choosing pieces that give you lots of storage and flexibility. Last but not least, take your time to further personalise your space with your favourite art works, a cork board to pin up your creative thoughts as they come to you and a vase of your favourite blooms.

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