Green living room ideas

Green living room ideas are this season’s replacement for greys. You may think the colour is too dark for a living room. However, the soothing nature of the shade is very comforting, and makes a gentle statement. Whether you opt for the dramatic look of an emerald green or keep it timeless with a sage-green sofa, there is a green haven for everyone. If you are not quite sure which hue best suits you, there is no need to worry. We have got you covered to create a living room, that will make anyone green with envy! Keep reading to see our hand-picked assortment of the best, green living room ideas.

Create a green and pink fusion

Pink and green should not be missed! Being that they are the complete opposite on the colour wheel, these two shades complement each other effortlessly. Incorporate pink velvet chairs, against a chalky green toned wall, for a glammed-up living room. The pairing really works to build a softer appearance without it becoming sickly-sweet. There is so much flexibility when you use such harmonising shades. Some great combinations include a richer, berry pink with a plush green, or a sage green with a blush pink.

Green accessories do the trick

If you are not completely ready to go green crazy, incorporating the shade’s accessories also works well. For a country-inspired look, opt for green and wooden accessories in the living room. Plus, a green focal chair, green wall-plant or piece of funky art, makes a more minimalist effect. However, there is nothing that will bring more life to any living room, than placing a few plants around the area.

Feel at one with nature in a forest green

In a light, airy space, painting the walls in a smooth, matte forest green helps to dial down the brightness. It also encourages a mellow atmosphere. This is perfect for a room you just want to relax in, at the end of an exhausting day. Whether it is summer or winter, it looks terrific balanced with identical amounts of flannel grey. Or, why not opt for adding yellow, which prevents deep greens from feeling too ominous.

Go classic with a mint green

You may be a lover of vintage visuals, but also want a modern twist. Pale mint green is a fantastic way to renovate a traditional look. This tone has its origins in both mid-century, modern-day styling and futuristic pastels, making it a versatile colour. If you choose a matte hue of mint, you can play around with textures, combining it with fabric futons in shades of mustard and soft pink.

Go cheerful with teal and lime

Green living room ideas are usually associated with tranquil qualities. It can similarly infuse some vitality into a room, particularly in its lighter, more saturated styles. For example, lime green’s zingy, refreshing element makes it a wonderful option for a more young, lively living room. The colour looks great as a feature wall, or even on a statement lounger or footrest. With a hue this cheerful, you can certainly lean into it and build an eclectic space, with distinct warm shades and patterns. Cream linen drapes, for instance, would look gorgeous alongside green walls.

Green is a strong, exceptional colour that can work to soothe you after a hard day at work or keep things fun and energetic, at the weekend. With our green living room ideas, enveloping the room in this shade, will prove that making this colour stylish is not difficult at all. Whichever shade you opt for, you can be rest assured that you will feel all-things wonderful, when you walk into your green sanctuary.

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