Green With Envy 6: Children Rooms

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Children really love colour and especially the livelier end of the spectrum. This week though, we are not looking at just any old colour – this week the emphasis is on green that will make everyone envious. In the children's room you could choose green hues that are more vibrant and energetic – this will particularly help to give young children a fun and playful environment...for teens it might motivate them to get out of bed in the morning! This first idea is in actual fact for nurseries and uses a soft mint green with a chocolate brown – beautiful and contemporary for little boys or little girls!

Carpet or a large area rug is preferred over hard flooring in the nursery and you can set the scene with a light neutral; you might want to put down a plain carpet which you can add to later with decorative or themed children's rugs. Paint the walls, ceiling and woodwork in white to begin with and later take some green paint to create pretty stripes, a bubble effect or use stencils for more creative designs. In keeping to the chocolate brown textiles, a nursery set of dark wood will look most spectacular.

Next, you will need to choose bedding, curtains and floor rugs – we love to see matching sets in the nursery so look out for mint green and chocolate brown pieces; if you can't find an exact match of pattern, you can always buy some extra fabric and sew on your own motifs such as cute baby elephants on the border of valances and curtains. If you have chosen a theme such as baby elephants, look for wall art and cuddly toys to tie in with it. This second bedroom is great for tweens with the use of not one but two vibrant greens; namely a citrus yellow-green and a slightly darker apple green – although any two vibrant greens that you think will compliment one another.

Give the impression of more space by choosing a light floor and white for walls and ceiling, this will also make your green tones pop! A child needs a lot of space in the bedroom and plenty of storage so be clever when buying furniture; look for beds with built in drawers and designate an entire wall to a storage unit, one including a wardrobe, drawers and easy-access shelving. It is with these pieces of furniture that you can bring your green tones in – you might even find some modular furniture where you can mix and match colours and hardware.

They will also benefit at this age from a desk to do homework, this can be painted or bought in the same green to match other furnishings. For bedding, look for printed duvet cover sets that either pick up on the green again in a trendy graphic print or bring in a second hue such as harmonising yellow or blue. A large rug for the centre of the room creates a zone to play or lounge with some floor cushions for added comfort. Children can be very sensitive to light, so your best option for window treatments would be some childrens blackout curtains – sweet dreams!

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