Get colour confident in your living room

Your living room should be your own little oasis; somewhere you can come at the end of a busy day and relax in front of the television with your family. It should be warm, inviting and above all comforting, so the décor of your living room is just as important as the furniture and fittings. As well as giving your living space a makeover, painting it a different colour can have a profound effect on how you feel.

Therefore, throwing caution to the wind when choosing your living room's colour palette does not have to be as daunting as it sounds, a little confidence in what you want will help you achieve the living room you have always wanted. Yellow has long been associated with warmth but on its own it can be too much for a large living space.

However, yellow accents in a white-painted room will make it airy, bright and a generally nice place to spend time. Add in orange accents and you have yourself a Mediterranean feel and your living room will naturally feel warmer. Paint your walls, window frames and sills, skirting and door-frames white. Keep your window blinds white; this will encourage natural light in to the space.

Once you have your blank canvas, it is time to add your splashes of colour. According to home design specialists, adding bold-coloured fabrics is the one of the best ways to use colour confidently in your home. Yellow throw cushions, orange scented candles, yellow canvas wall art and chunky large rugs will add bold elements of colour to your living space. If you want a bolder look, adding red to your yellow and orange colour palette will achieve this.

Red is an exciting colour and according to Feng Shui experts it can give a room a much-needed energy boost. Again, the secret to using red in your living room is to use it as an accent colour, as oppose to painting the entire room red. Orange, yellow and red is a confident colour scheme, which will reflect in your room's personality. Adding a red border to your white walls will make an attractive statement while not overpowering the overall look. A red throw on your sofa or living room chairs will complement the warmth of your yellow cushions.

Adding cheap curtains in red will naturally guide the eye to light. The best way to get colour confident in your living room is to work out what colour scheme works, before making any changes. While some colour hues are made to go together, they are not always right for the room's purpose. Using white as a base may seem safe, but it actually allows you to add bold, confident colour without ruining the overall look.

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