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Festive dining table ideas1: luxurious

Planning that special meal for the holidays can be exciting and fun. Make sure the dining room table is just as enticing with just the right rich and luxurious flavour. Guests being seated at a table designed in perfect blended colours and balance, will set the mood for good food and cheer.

Dramatise your Colour Scheme:

Luxury can be created by expanding on your current dining room furnishings, regardless of your style. Turn high-backed chairs into dazzling Christmas form and colour with chair covers that are set for the season. Silky, poinsettia-laced fabric that covers chairs from top to bottom, and tied off in the back with a large flowing ribbon, will bring an immediate transformation. Select your bright colour carefully, choosing to expand or contrast boldly as these elegant covers will act as an outline to your table presentation.

Table Runners that Introduce the Show:

Using a table runner, instead of table cloths adds character without taking over the show. A plain or large pattern of a contrasting colour to the chair covers, will electrify the stage to introduce the perfect centrepiece and individual place settings. For instance, if bold blue or bright green is your choice in holiday chair covers, use a vibrant white, gold or champagne runner. This will allow you to show off elegant containers, flowers, candles or other intriguing pieces in your strip down the table middle.

Sensuous Pleasure equals Luxury:

Some people misunderstand the concept of luxury and over-indulge in too many centrepiece items. Creating sensuous pleasure is the name of the game in forming the perfect balanced display. A pair of tall balanced trees, an antique silver pot or a couple of tapered candles in crystal holders, is all that is needed to add a graceful, inviting portrayal of the season. You can add trimmings of evergreen, sprigs of holly or small votive candles, sparingly, but making the centre too busy will ruin the intended mood.

Pay attention to bare walls by adding a decorated wreath or other holiday wall hanging that compliments your colour scheme. Plates of fine China or porcelain, and stemmed glassware, placed on a nondescript linen or satin-like place mats, will bring a rumble of hunger to guests as they suddenly have a comfortable, tantalising feeling of welcome. Your ultimate goal of presenting a luxurious, festive table, will be fulfilled when you see the look or pleasure and contentment, on the faces of your arriving dinner guests.

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