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Festive dining table ideas 5: chic farmhouse

Take a little bit of old, a little bit of new, mix up with modern and French country, and you have a delightful scene, perfect for Christmas time. Colours are not the subject, as much as the comfort level, when you decide that the holidays are made for fun and laughter. In fact, take your favourite colour and run a muck with the endless possibilities. Blue, green, pink or peach, may be one of your beloved shades, so use form and balance to achieve a fantastic and fun holiday season.

Freshly Scrubbed and Minimal

Having company into your home during the holidays doesn't have to be an elaborate affair. Introducing kids and laughter, old friends and relatives, should not come attached with a dress code. No matter if your chairs don't all match in style as long as they are balanced in height and overall colour. Letting your home feel welcome to all that decide to stop by and offer a bit of holiday cheer, is what Chic Farmhouse style is all about. By keeping your clutter down, furnishings sparkling clean, and decorations to a minimum, those unexpected guests will feel welcome when you insist on coming in, and sharing a cup of coffee.

Light and Airy means Happy and Casual

The beginning of a chic farmhouse style takes little work and imagination. Whites and beige, table cloths that announce your favourite colour shades, and simple, or no centrepiece, will keep your table ready for a plate of home baked cookies, wrapping gifts, or playing board games with friends. Table runners that are patterned with Christmas trees, angels or snowflakes, can also add a touch of merriment to a favourite dining table. A freshly cut, small Evergreen will expand the beauty of a natural, free atmosphere. Stay with your favourite colour with decorations and don't over stuff. Less is more, in keeping a natural tone to your farmhouse charm, savouring the picture perfect appeal of each chosen item.

Memories of Christmas Past

Keeping items that belonged to family members, are often cherished and find just the right spot during the holidays. A hand-crafted tree ornament, a favourite quilt or an antique vase, will flood the room with memories of the reason for Christmas. Use them sparingly and only during this great season to add happiness in calling up special moments of the past. The holidays should be happy and stress-free. By creating a natural, fun-loving environment in chic farmhouse style, guests will genuinely feel welcome and warm.

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