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Feng shui living room ideas for your home

Feng Shui is more than just rearranging furniture. The concept originates from ancient Chinese principles of equilibrium and harmony. Feng Shui Masters spent their lives studying the elements of life and how environments enhanced or exhausted an individual’s Chi (energy). They explored how to organise settings in a way which improved people's lives. Feng Shui communicates that everything around us is also alive with Chi, which shape the quality of our life. To achieve this style within any room, it is essential to form spaces that surround you serenely. It is not just a method of decorating; it is a way of life. The concept involves much more than utilising particular colours or incorporating certain patterns. When it comes to creating a Feng Shui living room, you can do this in an inexpensive and timely manner. A lounge that exudes balance is vital, as the space has multiple purposes. It is both an area where you will gather to socialise and unwind in. The objective of this concept is to aid in establishing an area that enhances both function and positive energy. We will take you through what is needed to transform your living room into the relaxed and inviting space you desire.

Clutter-free zone

The most important step in the process of Feng Shui is to declutter your space. For energy to flow seamlessly within the living room, you must not overfill the area. This does not mean you need to get rid of all your belongings. It more so means organising them in a way that is meaningful. Assess the space and only keep furnishings, ornamentation, and other trinkets that you feel a connection with.

Lighting is everything

The brighter a space, the more it encompasses principles of Feng Shui. Your lights do not always have to be turned on. Try and make use of natural light where possible. Light is known to put us in good moods, as brightness is uplifting. Dark spaces can cause feelings of sadness and low energy, making them less welcoming. You can help bring the natural light in with sheer curtains or blinds. If your living room lacks natural lighting, use energy efficient light bulbs to imitate this.

Colour is important

Choosing the right hues to infuse into your Feng Shui living room is key. Colour plays the starring role in advising our own thinking. The living room is a place where people unite and merge their energy and characters. Therefore, earthy shades are ideal to ground the space. Contemplate neutrals like yellow, brown, and clay when it comes to purchasing bigger pieces of furniture. If you want to be a bit more colourful, utilise this in decorations and window treatments with vivid blues, greens, and other shades that dazzle. Such shades indicate tranquillity and serenity, bringing pure bliss into your living room.

Pay attention to layout

When it comes to showing this concept, the way you place your furniture is important. This is so that dialogues in the living room flows more easily. The way you position chairs and sofas in the area needs much attention. Seating should be in the view of the door, so you can see who is coming and going. Sometimes you may have no choice but to face seating away from the door. In this case, we advise hanging a mirror on the wall. This way you and your guests will be able to see what is going on behind you, for ultra-comfort.

Window treatments

How we decorate windows in our living rooms is something to be seriously considered. They impact both the appearance and practical features of a home. Corresponding with the philosophies of Feng Shui, blinds can affect the welfare of a family. The materials chosen are crucial as they can play a huge role in improving how comfortably you live. For instance, if green and brown tones appeal to you, opt for wooden blinds. We recommend our Basswood Venetian Blind in natural wood to bring you lots of positive Chi. If you normally have guests coming over, red curtains are welcoming and energizing. Our Wetherby Ready Made Blackout Curtains are ideal for establishing your soon-to-be spiritual space.

How to Feng Shui a small living room

Take note that the purpose of Feng Shui is to get energy flowing through a space. This is especially important to reduce mess and tidy up smaller spaces. Remember, furniture arrangement choices are typically restricted with smaller living rooms. So, if you want to make the area feel more spacious, buy a large mirror. By doing this, you will create the illusion of space.

Feng Shui is a dominant principle, helping you to get the best out of the way you live. Remember, to achieve a Feng Shui living room, choose purposeful colour schemes and declutter to your hearts content! Think about the word’s organisation and rationale with this concept. They play key roles in forming a harmonious and balanced room. With our tips and tricks, we hope to have inspired Feng Shui living, that will fuel your mind and soul.

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