Extraordinary feature walls using natural materials

Using natural materials in the home is not a new phenomenon, yet the move to go green and incorporate their use continues to gather in momentum. There is little doubt that synthetic materials have, and continue to revolutionised our lives, and yet the need to take full advantage of natural materials remains high on most designer's agendas. Natural materials are typically kinder to the planet, depending on how they are obtained and sustained, than synthetics. They add a sense of warmth to our homes and give us the all-important textural qualities that enrich our senses.

Stone Stone clad kitchen wall with three floating shelves

Top Inspired

With a vast variety of different stones available you can create a feature wall that captures the spirit and style of your home beautifully.

Wood Wooden feature wall, matching the dark wooden flooring, with white table, accessories and a brown sofa

Space Inc

Most homes have wood in them, either their actual construction (roof timbers for example) or within the aesthetics of furnishings. Like stone, there are many different types of wood that can be used to create a stunning feature wall, from the dark, rich colours of hardwood to the lighter tones of cork. Each has their own merits, enabling you to make a choice as to which you use to enrich your wall.

Concrete Concrete wall in a white and light wood kitchen and dining room

Usual House

Made from a mixture of broken stone or gravel, sand, cement (lime and clay) and water, concrete has a tactile quality that can look spectacular in modern and contemporary homes.

Living Green textured feature wall in a living room, looks like moss


The trend to bring the outside inside remains in place this year. Living walls provide a great way to embrace this trend, bringing a sense of fresh and liveliness to a room.

Glass Curved glassed wall bathroom

Marrick Group

Glass is made from sand, soda ash and limestone. We all know that windows are made from it, along with finer objects such as drinking vessels and vases. However, glass, when treated, can be extremely strong, making it an ideal medium to use for internal and external walls.

Oyster Shells Stylish cream living room, with large blue rug


Oyster shells, when crushed or broken, can be used to create an extraordinary feature wall.

Rocks & Pebbles Swirling stone wall that looks like water meandering and vortexing down a stream

Lush Home

Rocks and pebbles are stones that can be used together to create patterns and colour variations on a feature wall.

Seagrass Modern seagrass cream wall, with cream arm chair and table lamp


Seagrass grows near the sea, hence the name! However, it isn't actually a grass and it doesn’t produce flowers. Single strands of seagrass are held together with fine cotton, some have an adhesive backing, so check out what this is made from if you want to be completely eco-friendly. It has a beautiful textural quality, but it shouldn't be used in humid atmospheres, such as bathrooms or kitchens, as untreated it can become mouldy.

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