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Ethical living – fairtrade products for the home

From Greenpeace to Gordon Brown there is an increasing awareness and drive towards a fairer and more sustainable way of living. This has seen an abundance of campaigns, new legislation and products being introduced claiming to help us live a greener and more ethical lifestyle. One area which has seen a particular surge is Fairtrade produce. When a product has the Fairtrade Mark it is a consumer label which provides an independent guarantee that disadvantaged producers are getting a better deal. When buying a Fairtrade product you can be assured that a fair price has been paid for the goods, and a premium beyond which allows the producers to cover the cost of production and in turn invest money back into their communities in the form of social, economic, or environmental projects. Alongside fashion t-shirts, tea bags and wine there is also a large range of Fairtrade products for your home. This article describes some of the best and most unique items available.

From dining tables to armchairs to TV units there is a huge variety of Fairtrade furniture available to buy at very reasonable prices. Furthermore the quality and character each piece has is remarkable. Choose a unique piece such as a Jepara chair to introduce some more novel ethnic influence in to your home. Or for a more classic finish opt for beautifully crafted and chunky coffee tables, shelving units and sideboards. Furthermore, alongside the more rustic pieces, there are a number of extremely contemporary high design pieces which may not have come directly from working villages but still promise to be eco-friendly and green.

Alongside the larger pieces of furniture there is also a huge array of beautifully charming accessories for your home. Shop around to discover the abundance of hand crafted vases, candle holders, book ends and bowls to add a warm and personal touch to your home. The patterns and shapes on many of these items are unique, hand painted or crafted and echoing the cultures and designs of the manufacturer’s home. This kind of traditional bond between the maker and the product, I believe, is as charming and unique as the finished product itself.

To introduce some Fairtrade lighting in to your home why not purchase some beautiful and sensual candles. Or to be simply greener opt for solar powered or low energy light fittings available in a range of designs

There are also a huge range of Fairtrade products that are great for children. From traditional African toys to cars made from recycled fizzy drink cans, these pieces fire a child’s imagination and also encourage them to get making themselves.

To whatever extent you want to introduce Fairtrade and green products in to your home do remember that every bit really does help. From a napkin ring to a dining suite the money you pay for these products will directly help the manufacturers and their communities so that, when you sit with your friends and family enjoying your home, you can be assured there will be a family elsewhere in the world enjoying their home more because of you.

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