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Eco-awareness – bringing a touch of nature into your home

As we have already seen being eco-aware is more involved than many people may initially think. It's all very well having and using eco-friendly materials wherever and whenever you can, but at the end of the day cost and value for money is what most people look for.

The whole ethos of 'going green' and being eco-friendly has impacted on the world of interior design in many different ways. Designers of furniture and furnishings offer, for the most part, looking closely at where they source their materials from, however they are also using many other innovative ideas to bring touches of nature into people's homes.


This can be seen in this year's design trends of using printed fabrics which have a green theme, with a vast amount of floral and leaf designs being amongst the most popular. Wildlife always touch the heart of the British people and whilst we try to do our best to reflect this within our homes sometimes cost outweighs the reality.


Of course looking for materials and fabrics which have been made from sustainable and ecologically friendly sources is the ideal way to move forward, many of us are taking positive steps in bringing these natural materials into our homes.


As with most things in life some things are easier to achieve than others! However, choosing locally sourced products is a great way to start. The great advantage of today's technology is that local retailers can now have a massive online presence which means consumers have, quite literally, the world at their feet when it comes to choosing materials and fabrics to use in their homes.

The ability to buy curtain materialis just one example of how the Internet has enabled people to achieve stunning interiors. Ready made curtains and curtain poles are an ideal starting point to buying soft furnishings at affordable prices from UK retailers, this not only helps boost the economy but also offers some bargain prices to suit people's needs.


Indus curtains are a great way to introduce a touch of nature into your home. These ready made curtains have a modern twist on a classical design, with the latest eyelet headings and bold floral pattern they are the ideal window dressing for modern and contemporary interiors, which provide excellent value for money along with a natural print to enhance an eco-friendly interior design theme.

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