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Design ideas: organic eco kid’s room’s

With a personal interest in all things natural, modern, crafted and organic when it comes to interiors and home accessories I found myself engrossed in a recent article I stumbled across at Apartment Therapy titled “What’s your decor style? Using kid’s rooms to define your style.” written by Carrie McBride. White and cream nursery with hanging stars and moon in front of a voiled window

Source: Pinterest

In the post, Carrie reminisced on times passed where the style and decor of her apartment consisted of hand me down furnishings from the official home of mum and dad. Though as time moved on and she began a family of her own she was able to discover and pursue her own personalised style of interiors like many new mums. The freedom to be able to get creative and tailor each aspect of your home with a much more personal customised design and add your own characteristics is exciting and what’s even more so in particular is being able to define your style to be admired within your children’s nursery or bedroom. The same nursery as above, but from a different angle There are a wide variety of styles which you can be inspired by and incorporate into your baby’s little space but being spoilt for choice which should you choose from. Though there are no pitter patters of tiny feet for me just yet what in particular sparked my interest was the concept of an “Organic Modern” baby bedroom. You may wonder “What is an organic modern style?” and the answer to that is really anything you make it that carries across your personal impression this sense of style. Baby cot in white, with the name Lauren above the bed

Source: House and Home

As seen in the images above achieving this organic and eco modern feel in your baby’s space can really include anything from organic linen’s , quilts, bedding, curtains, furnishings made from natural woods or weave, natural fibre knit items, nature inspired wall decor and so much more. To compliment the furnishings and accessories you include within the room it’s best to stick to a very neutral and clean colour palette of creams, taupes, brown or greens as this will also create a very visually bright, soft and calming atmosphere for both yourself and your baby. White and beige striped childs bedroom with wooden branch clothes rail and white shelves

Source: Apartment Therapy

Lastly if you’re the creative and crafty type then it may be interesting to create your own handmade decorative accessories and elements to embellish the nursery’s blank open walls. Using natural found branches and wood’s that have been given a smoothed finish could make for a very unique clothes rack or personalised baby name wall hanging. These are sure to in time when your children are older become the perfect memorable keepsake from mum that even they may to pass onto their children which to me sounds a much better heirloom than any old hand me down.

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