Decadent decor

How do you decadently dress your home for Christmas, without sacrificing style?

Well, style is something that you don't have to sacrifice these days as the plethora of Christmas products available cater for all tastes and styles. In addition, the move towards all things artisan, handmade and personalised means that if you can't find what you're after on the market, you, or someone else, can make just what you want for you. Either way, the result will be a beautifully decorated, totally coordinate and personalised festive home.

You no longer have to go with traditional red and green used with pine garlands and trees, a much more contemporary look can be achieved.

Collage of decadent living rooms with Christmas decorations

The key is to keep to a theme or style and not to mix it up too much. Be sympathetic to the colour scheme or decor in specific rooms, or use a neutral style throughout the house that will blend in, yet create festive charm at the same time. Metallics are great for this as all metallics are neutral. My personal favourite is gold and silver used together. Gold tones give you warmth and character while silver empathises with the crisp frosty tones of bright, snow white, winter mornings. White fairly lights on clear flex can be used anywhere and everywhere to add winter charm without sacrificing style or clashing with your colour scheme.

A Stylish & Colour Coordinted Christmas

If you’re looking to spruce up your living area/room for a stylish Christmas, then glam up for a colourfully elegant one with these sumptuous drapes and matching cushions for example.

Beige and turquoise damask curtains hung at a window

Garland and Christmas wreathe hung on a fireplace with silver and light blue baubles

These turquoise and gold curtains provide the perfect colour combination for adding mixed metallics to. Mixing metalics together in our interior schemes and teaming them with sumptuous velvet, chenille or pearlised finishes is bang On-Trend at the moment, so this collection couldn’t be more perfect for a Christmas interior that will stand the test of time once the decorations are stowed away for another year!

< And here's a great example of colour co-coordinating festive decor with an interior colour scheme like the one above; and incorporating the a fore mentioned mixed metallics to give it a touch of glamour ans seasonal sparkle, whilst still maintaining elegance and style too.

Picking an accent colour out of your interior decor in this way is very effective and pulls the look of the room and your Christmas decor together to look like a well planned and thought out scheme, just like a professional would do. And if you are more of a traditionalist and the Red and Gold combo is more your thing for Christmas then...ta -daaa!!.... Here's the same collection ion a sumptuous red and gold combo!

Burgundy and red damask curtains hung at a window

Go Traditional with On-Trend Tartan

And if you’re a true ‘die—hard’ Christmas Traditionalist and the full-on Santa’s workshop, log cabin and big comfy armchair kind of person, then you can never go far wrong with a tartan plaid for your interior scheme.

Beieg and red tartan eyelet curtains hung at a window

Tartans and stylish wool or wool-look plaids have been trending for a couple of seasons now and still remain popular into A/W 2015/16. So you need not worry that investing in a tartan scheme will be an expensive and short lived purchase just for the Christnas period. This look is elegant stylish and timeless. And if red isn’t your thing then fear not, simply pick your favourite on-trend shade of tartan and accessories your Christmas dec’s to that instead!

Collage of nine photos, containing curtains and cushions with checked tartan designs in different colours

Decadent Decorations

Collage of eight photos with DIY Christmas trees made from branches, books, twigs and cardboard

You don't have to have a traditional Christmas tree. Go for a modernistic metallic or wire famed tree and decorate it with simple items in contemporary colours such as small presents for guests to open on Christmas day, or clear or coloured glass droppers.

Collage of ten different photos, showcasing different festive decor and ornaments

You don't have to have a tree at all. You can decorate your home with your chosen Christmas colour scheme in any number of ways from table and mantle decorations, to contemporary wreaths, garlands, wall art; or simply some Christmas themed cushions to add some instant festive cheer. Even wrapping your existing cushions with some satin ribbon or fabric, to look like parcels wrapped with bows, is stylish and effective - not to mention thrifty and affordable!

Four photos using fairy lights and baubles in different ways in the home

Look through 'festive eyes' at what other everyday objects can be 'beautified' for the Christmas season.

Eight photos using twigs and fairy lights in different ways to create a festive look in the home

An interesting, sculptural piece is sometimes all you need to add festive style. A branch sprayed in silver, for example and set in a simplistic tall vase, or a steel bucket with just a few accessories and some lights, can make an impressive, statement, piece too.

Collage of oversized baubles in different colours, used to create a festive look in the home

Particularly effective is a collection of oversized baubles suspended from varying lengths of metallic twine or ribbon. You could try this in the corner of a room where the tree would have normally been possibly, in a window recess, or over the dining table where it is unlikely anyone will walk in to them. The effect is arty, stylish and inexpensive.

A number of different uses of stars and fairy lights in the home to create a festive look

Over sized stars are becoming increasingly popular in place of a traditional tree too; and as you can see from the images above and below........

Different uses of fold out cardboard stars at Christmas

......can be used in any number of stylish and arty ways to add a little un-predictable and slightly unusual Christmas charm!

DIY baubles and tree ornaments including stars, letters, baubles, footprint reindeer and hand print Santa

There is an amazing array of ideas for unusual hand-made and home-made decorations these days as well, that you could really make an outstanding, unique and personalized display with. So challenge yourself to do something a bit different and unique in your home this Christmas. You’re guaranteed to create a talking point which will get a great reaction from all your visitors, not to mention a fair few compliments!

Collage of white decors at Christmas

For lots of festive inspiration, inspirational images and DIY tutorials, check out our ‘Christmas Decor and Decorations’ board on Pinterest.

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