Contemporary Designs – Teenage Girls Bedrooms

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

As we saw in yesterday's post planning for teenage girl's bedroom could be considered to be more important than for boys, as girls have a tendency to be a little more finicky about their rooms! If your teenager has outgrown the Barbie pink and princess theme then opting for a neutral colour such as white and tan are ideal, because accent colours can be included and still keep the contemporary look. In fact using accessories as your accent colour will enable the room to be updated year after year using the latest colour trends.

Storage is another important factor to take into consideration, along with space for friends to sleep over as well as an area which can double up as seating simply by placing filled cushions along the wall. You could also add further highlights of in trend colours as the window dressings and bedspreads. For example this year's on trend colour, turquoise, will not look out of place if you were to choose ready made curtains with the latest metal eyelet headings to coordinate with bedding.

Alternatively Roman blinds are an ideal window dressing to compliment a contemporary design and can be either bought ready made, if the available colours suit your colour scheme, or you could invite your teenager to make or help make their own blinds using Roman blind kits. Involvement and agreed styles are important to help create a stylish look along with harmony within your home!

Of course it's imperative that the occupier of the room as they say in both style and colour, otherwise you run the risk of having a constant battle on your hands redecorating year after year! Girls can be as equally as noisy as boys, and therefore you need to give consideration to soundproofing their room as much as possible. Wooden flooring is ideal in terms of chic styling and easy cleaning, and it's possible to use acoustic or soundproof underlay to help reduce noise reaching downstairs, add a simple plain rug to soften the look.

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