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Girls bedroom ideas for your home

A girl’s bedroom is her haven. So, it is crucial to get the décor right. Putting together girl’s bedroom ideas that are creative, yet practical is not a simple task. Especially as girls can be picky, when it comes to their personal space.

Modern white and grey girls bedroom design

As parents, you will want to keep it playful and young, although not so youthful where you will need a change every year. Opting for timeless furniture and designs that can be updated with ease are vital – as it can prevent having to entirely redo your daughter’s space as she grows up.

Bedroom furniture

Girls bedroom ideas when it comes to furniture can be tricky. The first rule is to pick neutral fittings. This ensures your child will not age out of them. As an alternative to the typical, pink Princess theme, consider girl’s bedroom ideas that will change with their taste. Opting for classic, solid wood or wrought iron fittings works well to create the foundations for a room. Whilst she is still young, you could make bedding and throw pillows more child friendly by adding bright colours and patterns.

Your daughter can never have enough storage space. If this is a problem, a bed with drawers beneath it take advantage of untapped storage. For all the sleepovers she will have growing up, a bed that features a pull-out bed underneath works even better. A top tip for girls’ bedroom ideas if space is tight - include mirrors directly above a desk, for the illusion of extra space.


Adding a coat of paint to the walls for some character is a simple way to personalize girls’ bedrooms. It is also one that can be modified in the future. Integrating the wall paint colours throughout the bedroom’s furniture such as rugs or lamps, creates a seamless look.

Purchasing costly artwork as decoration in your daughter’s bedroom can be done much smarter. Instead, you can fix in simple shelves to showcase favourite books or accessories. Displaying cherished pieces gives her accessibility to them, doubles as storage, and gives a personal touch to the room.

Regardless of their age, an art gallery-style picture wall is a versatile way to add character to a room. For younger girls, framing their favourite posters or quotations will draw them in more. Similarly, for teenagers the same relates to framed photographs of family and friends. Ensuring their personal space reflects their growth is essential.


Being daring with patterns builds a space with youthful energy. Although, you must keep size in mind and mix large, small, and medium-scale patterns to accomplish balance. In a shared bedroom, replicate identical patterns from bed to bed, for a symmetrical arrangement.

In fact, children’s bedrooms are the ideal opportunity for vibrant designs, such as this rainbow bedding set. Numerous fun patterns can come together for a stylish assortment. Do not be afraid to pair a striped wall with a flowery-embossed dresser. The contrast creates a dynamic look.

Colour scheme

Blue tends to be a go-to colour for boys' bedrooms. However, that does not mean when exploring girl’s bedroom ideas, you cannot enjoy a little blue. Blue is such a versatile colour, looking great in a range of shades – from navy to baby blue, and in a range of designs such as floral and nautical.

Traditional pink girls bedroom design

When it comes to girl’s bedroom ideas, sometimes it is sensible to scale back the wall colour to welcome tranquillity. It is advisable to choose a white with undertones of another colour used in the bedroom. The colour white with a pink tinge works well for girl’s bedrooms, who want a mix of girly and classic.

A palette of pinks and yellow-base greens add playfulness – such as in this cute panda fabric– perfect for toddlers and younger girls. However, the palette also transitions from a toddler’s bedroom concept, to a teen design as well. The combination of colours knows no age limit. These colours could then be replicated into your daughter’s bed linen.


Combining a range of lighting creates an ambient atmosphere. Fairy lights decorated around a window frame is a cool, economical option to alter the mood in the room. Additionally, printed photographs of loved ones, hung on the walls, give the area a special touch.

As teenage girls come out of their childhood years, they start to form their identity. A big part of this is fashion. By implementing clothing stands, they can try out their favourite looks in an enjoyable way. This helps them discover their own distinct, sense of style.

When it comes to girl’s bedroom ideas, you do not need a rule book. You can have a little fun and incorporate flamboyant and bold touches. With our tips and tricks, you will be able to shift from those bright designs easily, for when your child matures. From florals and retro designs to customised storage and more sophisticated themes, there is something for every girl out there.

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