Contemporary Bedrooms – How to get the look by Creating an Outdoor Wonderland of Serenity

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted
There is something special about being close to nature. Why not turn your bedroom into a sanctuary where dreams are filled with the beauty and wonder of the outdoors, only without all the bugs and inclement weather? The plan is simple and your sleep, the best you could ever imagine. Wood, Wood, Wood Wood is a natural element that fills our lives in a number of ways, but having a room filled with timber that has the scent of the outdoors, takes your mind to a different place. Use floor planks to line one of your walls and join with the floor to add a rustic, free feeling. Keep the look carefree with a platform bed, without frills. Use a painted dark wood as the base, or line with cheap curtain fabric of Naugahyde, or even real leather. Visit a bedding sale and select high-quality sheets in natural brown, grey or olive. If you are used to bedspreads, select one that is light and inconspicuous in nature. Zen Lighting Soft square lights placed either on the sides of the bed, or along the wall, can bring a Zen-like balance to the room. The windows will be your light during the day, possibly shadowed with a ceiling to floor voile material, in a natural flowing colour. The more commercialisation of the room you can cover, the better. Furnishings Try to stay away from stand alone furniture but instead, use bespoke or built-in shelves that appear to float in thin air. The outdoors needs no accessories to bring about a certain charm and your room shouldn't either. For a touch of colour, think green and natural. A display of fruit in a wooden bowl, a plate of polished rocks, or a small waterfall, are all items that represent the goodness of nature and will be soothing to your soul. Hang a large picture, painted on canvas, that keeps the mood light and airy, and your bedroom is now complete. By bringing nature inside, you will feel your mood begin to lighten and the worries of the day, seem trivial. There will be no pound signs appear in front of your eyes by looking at a treasure that you just had to have, or wondering how a stain will be removed from designer duvet covers. However, you will have the presence of beauty and happiness surrounding you as you lay your head down to sleep.

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