Colour combinations – food for thought- part 3 – chocolate decadence

Chocolate lovers will adore having their interiors based on these delicious colour combinations! In reality creamy white and shades of brown, from the palest milk chocolate to rich dark cocoa, remain firm favourites in all styles of homes.

To be in-trend and use the latest terminologies and colour names, chocolate colours have replaced the cream whites and browns names and bought them right up to date and into the hearts of all chocolate lovers! Magnolia may no longer be in-trend however call it milk chocolate and people continue to use basically the same colours!


Use of brown and creams colour combinations offer a chic and stylish colour palette which is suitable for any room within a home. These colours can further be excited by injecting a contrasting accent colour, however if you want to remain loyal to chocolate you will need to choose colour names such as chocolate orange or strawberry chocolate.


Probably the easiest way of finding inspiration for chocolate shades which tone and coordinate well together is to look at a box of assorted chocolates!

As chocolate is typically associated with pale and dark browns cheap Venetian blinds in wood are the ideal choice of window dressing, team these with natural woods in dining room furniture and a simply stunning interior can easily be achieved.


If you prefer curtains opt for the latest natural fabrics such as organza, linen or silk. Adding different textures into your home is also a key to achieving elegant styling. Hang chocolate coloured embroidered panels at your windows or patio doors using antique brass curtain poles and a room can be transformed from dull and boring into something very special.


Likewise chocolate colours are ideal for use in bedrooms. Choose luxury bedding in rich chocolate colours and inject a softer, paler shade to add variation into the room. Opt for Julian Charles bedding in dark brown and orange colour combinations to create a designer styled bedroom without the designer price tag.


The colour brown is also associated with natural woods and is necessary to incorporate in home which are styled on the natural elements of feng shui. As wood is a natural product there are many ways you can include it within your home, from furniture to windows dressings and flooring. Look for products which have been sourced from sustainable or managed forests to help the environment.

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