Clever colour combinations part 8: burgundy and gold

Burgundy red and gold colour combinations have been for many years, they are a timeless classic which are ideal for older styles of houses and renovated farmhouses. These rich colours create a sense of elegant luxury with a warm and homely feel. The Victorians adored these colours and used them as window dressings with heavyweight brocade and velvet fabrics being used in full length curtains which were as much for show as they were for keeping draught out of parlours.

The curtain tracks used today hadn't been invented in Victorian times, curtains were hung from large wooden curtain poles with curved fabric covered pelmets being used to hide them. The Victorians love embellishments and used large tassel tie-backs to hold back the curtains which were swept open from the centre. These gorgeous colours have stood the test of time and are still used today to dress windows of all sizes.

To look their best they need to be floor length and look stunning when hung from wooden curtains poles in farmhouse styles interiors, whilst curtain tracks with additional pelmet tracks are used to create regal looks in larger homes. Flock style wallpaper has made a come-back over the last year, with modern twists in designs and styles bringing them right into the 21st century, designers have used burgundy and gold, as they did in the past, to make homes look opulent and warm.

The warmth factor is a great advantage during the winter months as these colours can make a room feel cosy and warm effectively, which means you can turn the heating down a couple of degrees and save money on your fuel bills, more especially if you opt for ready made curtains which are fully lined. Layering for windows works in the same way as it does for fashion! Additional fabrics, such as linings or roller blinds will help reduce heat loss via windows.

These colour combinations don't have to make rooms dark and gloomy as they did in Victorian times, as now cream coloured furniture and natural light oak lift the colours and the light within the room. Use matching tie-backs and scatter cushions and you can transform the look and style of your rooms effortlessly. You don't have to spend a fortune as you can take advantage of discounts and bargains throughout the year to dress your windows for less and create stunning window treatments within your home.

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