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Christmas indulgences 7: candy canes

It wouldn't be Christmas without candy canes! The candy cane has become an iconic ornamentation in modern festive decoration irrespective of whether there any children present. The tradition of using candy canes has been a long one with various stories (whether they're true of false I'm unsure) of how candy canes represent a shepherd's crook, the letter J and the traditional red and white colours are believed to represent the purity and blood of Christ.

However, I doubt many people would make the biblical and religious connections, they just know that they are fun and great to eat! To create a different style of festive décor for your home you can build on the candy cane idea and turn your living room into a candy store with bright, bold colours and of course plenty of sweets on display. Keep with the red and white candy cane theme and use white and red cushions for chairs and sofas. Include large rugs in bright red and bring out your patriotic side by going for a red, white and blue colour scheme.

Mix striped fabrics with plain and use old fashioned sweet jars as a central display for your coffee table – don't forget to include candy canes to hang on your tree! Keep the theme bright and airy by using primary colours and a mix of different festive ornamentation inspired by candy and sweets. Jelly bean trees add a real pop of colour to a room and make an unusual edible miniature tree. This style of décor is loud and modern without being ostentatious.

As with many of the other ideas we've shared with you this week stay focused on the theme and don't be tempted to keep adding more and more because you'll spoil the look. For a treat for kids this festive décor would look great in bedrooms and you can choose sweet and candy colours to match duvet cover sets or childrens curtains and although you don't want all of the sweets and candies to be devoured before the 'big' day arrives, its a whimsical look which will appeal to children of all ages and those young at heart!

In many ways this idea is a modern twist on Scandinavian festive décor, however, they tend to be a little more health conscious and use gingerbread men and festive cookies rather than sugar laden candies. The choice is yours, but we're sure you'll agree there are many ways to add a festive touch to your home, both traditional and modern and something to suit all interior design styles, colour schemes and budgets.

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