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Christmas indulgences 3: gold, frankincense and myrrh

Today we indulgence ourselves in gold, frankincense and myrrh. These beautiful colours are quite literally fit for a king or queen and where better to use them than the bedroom. During the stress and strain of hectic lifestyles we need a place which is beautifully peaceful to re-charge our batteries and get a good nights sleep. Of course a good nights sleep isn't guaranteed, however, when you indulge yourself in luxury bedding and a colour scheme which is soothing to the eye and stunningly stylish you're half way there!

The use of metallic colours remains on-trend and will see you through to 2012 with no problem. Choose opulent gold coloured bedding and duvet cover sets to make a focal point of your bed. Whether you use plain or patterned bedding is personal taste and should be chosen to suit your interior design style. These colour combinations sit well with the majority of the most popular interior design styles; for example a contemporary interior can be created using plain furnishings and bedding using clean, straight lines along with functional pieces rather than anything overly fussy.

If you love frills and lace you can also use these festive colour combinations with a leaning more towards the amber colours of frankincense and myrrh. Full length curtains made from a sumptuous fabric such as those with a natural sheen will add understated elegance and refinement to a bedroom. If you're troubled by light pollution blackout curtains are an excellent way to provide the necessities of rest and relaxation. Large rugs with a deep soft pile can also be used to add opulence to the floor and help ground the design.

Don't forget to include a variation in textures to stop the room from looking too flat. Use the latest trend of placing the rug under the bottom third of the bed to help achieve a contemporary look to your bedroom. Alternatively if your interior is shabby chic use smaller rugs and place each side of the bed in a more traditional manner. Other indulgences could include beds with built-in plasma televisions, on-trend floating beds or sleigh beds.

Keep the bed as your focal point and lavish it with cushions and trendy bed runners to show that your bedroom is at the forefront of interior design. Always keep your bedroom clutter free – you never see an interior design image with clothes strewn over the floor or spilling out of draws, so if you want to get the look you'll have to abide by the 'rules'!

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