Channel 4's big house, little house comes to terry's!

Channel 4 have announced a brand new daytime TV show, Big House, Little House, and we've been chosen to be part of the filming at our Stockport store! In every show, two families will tackle exactly the same kind of renovation project to their own homes - but on two VERY different budgets. From loft conversions to bathroom redesigns, side-returns and kitchen diners the series will allow viewers to take a peak into how different types of people spend their money - and getting some take out and inspiration for their own projects.

Designer Aidan Keane will oversee each project on the show. He is one of the UK’s most successful commercial designers – his company transforms hotels, restaurants, clubs and office spaces across the world with bases in London, Dubai and Singapore and major projects everywhere from Australia to the USA. Aidan will use his design skills and tricks of the trade to help guide the families through their builds. He will advise on good design and where things can go wrong. Packed with take home information, the show will also explore the nightmares and joys of those doing the renovation themselves.

Each episode will end with two fantastic transformations and will reveal who’s been smart with their spending and added the greatest profit percentage to their house. Every decision they will make will impact on the final valuation so viewers will be able to see who followed Aidan’s advice and who’s over indulged. Terry's Fabrics Stockport will help a couple from Wilmslow who are struggling to  furnish their living room extension.

We're hoping to inspire them to finally settle on the right curtain fabric for the project. Choosing window treatments can be a tricky business! So it's no wonder the couple are finding this in particular such a difficult element of the furnishing. There are so many different things to consider - window type, size and location, length and lining, colour and fabric etc. But with our knowledge and expertise, and a beautiful and wide selection of fabrics for the couple to choose from, we're confident we'll be able to help them decide what it is what they want.

We love a before and after! It's incredible to see what those with a big budget do with their projects, but it's just as great to see what can be achieved with a smaller budget. Big House, Little House will allow the viewers a look at both, so it will be so exciting to see the finished result and whether the couple chose to buy one of our fabrics to decorate their home.

Are you having difficulty choosing your window treatment? Check out our How To guides over on YouTube for a comprehensive set of videos that cover most eventualities and should help you to choose curtains or blinds that are right for you.

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