Bring the outside into your home design

Give your home a natural edge and blur the lines between your indoor and outdoor spaces this summer with Biophilic design.

The Biophilic movement derives on our evolutionary need to be close to the natural world, even in an urban setting we can open up our interiors and embrace the great outdoors within.

Whether you’re looking to add a window filled extension or want to keep things simple by introducing foliage designs, there are so many good reasons for bringing greenery into your interior.

So check out our top recommendations for maximising your connection with your outdoor surroundings here:

Incorporate Plants

(Featured - Appletree Signature-Cassia Bedding Set Green)

Literally bring the outside into your home by introducing plants in your décor.

In addition to looking super pretty, creating an indoor garden in your home can have many health benefits.

Indoor plants remove toxins from the air as well as helping to improve our homes air quality.

Research has also found that incorporating elements of nature into your surroundings can decrease stress and improve productivity. So simply adding house plants will benefit both you and your interior!

Use Natural Materials

Add a rustic charm to your home with natural textures and materials.

Wood is without a doubt the most popular and versatile natural material of all. This timeless material has eco friendly properties as it can be recycled and restored to create a vast amount of furnishing options.

Whether you have a modern or more traditional home, wooden furnishings, décor and window treatments are sure to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Add rich wood tones to your home with one our wooden blinds.

Introduce Tropical Textures

Nothing quite says summer like a tropical motifs. Paired with vibrant and bold colours, these trendy patterns are a fun way of bringing the outside in.

Make paradise possible with the Waikiki Printed Fabric Moonstone. This beautiful leaf inspired design will elevate any space that it is used in with its harmonious colour palette and intricate leaf detailing.

Use this gorgeous fabric alone or pair it with other tropical inspired materials to create a sumptuous décor style.

Maximise Your Access to Sunlight

day and night blind pearl

Featured - (Rome Day Night Blind Pearl)

When it comes to home design, access to sunlight is a majorly important factor in creating a pleasant and uplifting living space.

It could be said that the positioning of windows is in many ways a form of art, our windows being a photo frame for the outdoor world.

So blur the boundaries between your indoor and outdoor spaces with large statement windows and doors and create a seamless living space that unites directly to the outside.

Styling these windows is also key, our Day and Night blinds are perfect for improving your access to sunlight. These versatile and stylish blinds have the option of filtered light, block out to darken a room and you can even roll the blind up completely to provide a clear window.

Add Foliage Inspired Décor

Leaf roman blind

Less overwhelming than dramatic tropical prints, introducing a subtle foliage design is an easy yet effective way to bring the outside in.

Botanical blinds are the ultimate solution for connecting your room with the outside world. These practical window solutions compliment any outdoor greenery whilst marrying your garden with your interior.

Here is our Leaf Roman Blind Green , this trendy design displays green painterly leaves and vine motifs on a fresh background.