Bohemian style ideas for your home

Bold, colourful, and pattern-crazy springs to mind when it comes to Bohemian design. The stylish, worldwide-inspired aesthetic bends conventional design laws, to establish a bespoke look. Bohemian refers to individuals known to be quirky and often involved in the arts. It is for this very reason that it makes for a wonderful interior option, full of visual stimulation and free-spiritedness. At first glance, Boho style décor seems easy to throw together. However, making random bits and bobs work in a room is harder than you think. Achieving the cool and eclectic vibe has a certain knack to it, which we can help you with. So, whether you are already a Boho aficionado or you are only starting to get a feel, you will find much inspiration in our design ideas.


Nothing says Bohemian more than botanicals. They fit perfectly with such a style! Plants are an inexpensive way of establishing laid-back ambience, whilst enhancing the elements of a room. Plus, their duties spread beyond making a space look aesthetically pretty. Plants filter the air surrounding you, ensuring you are living in a space that is good for your mind too.

Hanging plants are also a brilliant addition to any Boho-inspired room. They are a trendy way of adding interest and depth to home décor. Get creative and go for a simple, woven hanging basket. Or, for something for magnificent, there are plenty of ornate hanging baskets on the market. Our top tip is to implement a variety of unique plants in different sizes. This is an effective technique as it emulates the diverse, charming Boho vibe within your home.

Play with patterns

Layering patterns that are alike is one of the easiest and most economical ways of achieving Bohemian design. You can really have fun some here and get inventive. Boho-chic has no bounds, so go pattern-crazy! Whether it is funky, patterned rugs and curtains, or Aztec cushions and throws, infusing various shapes will do the space wonders. Although we encourage experimenting with patterns, make sure to be consistent with the colour scheme. This way you will avoid creating a disorganised feel. Go for a variety of timeless shades, that you can keep current with accessories. These could be deeper, more opulent hues like maroon, emerald, or plum.

Go low with furniture

Like Japanese interiors, Bohemian design encourages close proximity to the ground. So, implement low-backed couches, spread with plenty of luxurious, comfy throw cushions and adjoining poufs. Floor seating is also authentic of Boho style. To achieve such a look, ensure there is cosy rug as a starting point. Then top it with lots of groovy cushions in different shapes and sizes. Get down to your local charity shop or market! These places will have hidden gems on a budget, to inspire your Boho haven.

Avoid minimalism

When it comes to Bohemian interiors, more is more! The aesthetic embodies all things big and decadent. This design is one where you can inject your own personality into. It is your opportunity to bring together everything you love and have collected over the years. Bohemian design is all about layering your treasures to create a narrative – this is why layering your curtains and blinds can be a great addition to a bohemian style home. However, remember that such a style should not resemble the home of a magpie. Everything should have its own special place and purpose, without the strictness.

Bright colours

Everyone knows that Bohemian décor embraces all the colours of the rainbow. From pinks, to oranges, and greens – you should always think the bolder the better. Jewel hues work magnificently to bring to life this style. Its deep, plush shades immediately make a room feel soothing in a way that is exclusive to Bohemian design. If you want to go the extra mile, purchase rich-hued Moroccan bedding, and juxtapose it with vivid linens.

Window treatments

There are numerous styles of window treatments to choose from which embody Boho-elegance. Contrary to popular belief, you are not limited to drapes; shades and blinds also do the trick. A few elements to consider are colour, pattern, and texture.

Curtains are a symbol of classic Bohemian styles, infusing a strong statement to any room. To mimic the fun nature of this design, pick distinctive patterns to catch guests’ attention. Opt for materials with chunky stripes, paisley designs, and geometric prints. These bold patterns are crucial for aligning with Bohemian design. However, do not forget that length matters! The curtains should be slightly oversized, dragging slightly onto the floor for that ultra Boho feel.

Blinds are also a fashionable alternative. The beauty of them is that it comes in so many variations, allowing you to experiment with patterns, fabrics, and layering. There are many options to choose from such as woven wood shades, for natural Boho or roman blinds, if you want to introduce vitality. Our Harper Roman Blind in Scarlet is daring and rich in colour, the perfect ode to this design.

Blinds are a great way to incorporate earth tones and emphasise Boho groove undertones. Organic materials like bamboo, oak and cherrywood create a subtle Bohemian accent in any room. Plus, they are also moisture-resistant which makes them ideal for your Boho-inspired kitchens and bathrooms. Before you know it, you will have your space looking extremely avant-garde with our Wood Essence Blind.

Remember there is one rule when it comes to Bohemian design – that in fact, there are no rules! Boho style is anything and everything you want it to be. It is about following your heart and being daring. Infuse your own personality into the décor and you will have a Boho-chic space, as unique as you.

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