Bedroom Decorating Ideas 3: Hot Pink Curtains Hang in Trendy Girls' Bedrooms!

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Today's post is all about young girls and in particular those who like to be at the forefront of all this fashionable and on-trend! Read on to get some great ideas... Pink curtains are making a come-back in trendy girls' bedrooms. Pink curtains are once again "cool" for girls showing their feminine side. Pink curtains no longer have to be taken down and exchanged for "neutral" colours if you young teenage daughter wants to be hip, cool and bang on-trend!

Pink curtain considerations

Pink curtains are perfect for trendy girls' bedrooms because pink is a bright "bubbly" colour. Many young teens tend to have giggly, fun-seeking personalities and pink curtains are a perfect fit in their bedrooms. The lighter and brighter shades allow much light to come in and brighten the bedroom.

Childrens age and tastes

This is quite important since young teens seem to spend more time in their bedrooms than anywhere else! Using their bedrooms not just for sleeping but for getting dressed, doing homework, having sleep overs, having friends over, dancing by themselves, listening to music, watching TV and videos, putting on make-up, and on and on! Girls need brightly lit, soft-coloured rooms to keep their spirits up.

Of course, later on when they become older teenagers they may totally revolt and decide to decorate their rooms in black and be "Goth". But for young girls' bedrooms, pink is perfect. The walls can also be pink or to have some other light colour.

Complimenting curtains with decor

You can also put bright-coloured wall paper with large floral patterns or if the walls are plain and painted you can help your daughter stencil over them, putting her personal touch and tastes upon her own bedroom walls. The stencil designs should be fun, cheerful, and positive.

They can be words, animals, images, symbols, and so forth. The carpeting in a trendy girl's bedroom should, once again, be of a light, vibrant colour. It might be pink again but if you don't think it's a good idea for the whole room to be one big pink bubble then you can make it cream or yellow. White could also work but dirt and stains show up very easily on white carpeting.

Remember, young girls are not always neat and fussy so a contrasting yellow rug would do the trick and be easier to clean! For the bedroom furnishings you daughter needs a bed, a dresser, a table or night stand, and maybe a chair or stool. Girls love day-beds, which by day are a couch and at night fold out into a bed. These are also known as "futons". Another great option for a trendy girl's bedroom is a set of bunk beds.

Bedroom furniture options

Bunk beds work even for a one-girl bedroom because she can choose to sleep "higher" or "lower" and when a friend wants to spend the night she's got a bed to lie on in your daughter's own room. Your daughter might also populate one of the bunk beds with an array of stuffed animals and dolls while sleeping in the other bed. Light colours should be used for the duvet covers bedding, or those in your chosen contrasting colour.

Her dresser will be where she keeps her clothes, jewellery, and other items for safe keeping. Of course on top of the dresser will be her mirror where she will play dressing up or get ready for school. For the chair, this can be a pink bean bag or a wooden which has been stencilled the same as the walls or a stool with a soft cushion. Trendy girls' bedrooms have hot pink curtains, bright colours, and friendly, bubbly atmospheres!

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