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A-z of interior design part 7: x-z

In this final part of our A-Z of interior design we're going to be looking at X,Y & Z. X for relaxing (we couldn't think of anything else suitable!). Y for Yellow, a beautiful sunny day and warmth. Z for Zebra rugs which are right on-trend this year. Interior design is one of the most important things in our daily living, if we think about it. It is something we all think about in at least the smallest regard – we all have things in our home, furnishings and decoration, which feel is appealing and is reflective of ourselves and maybe even conveys an image or feeling we are aiming to get across.

Some of us might put more thought into this kind of design than others and it might be of more importance to them. But nevertheless, we will all seek design which will create a feeling – even if we are conscience of it or not. Even the person who says they do not care, well, that will be known when their home is visited and all of the interior design makes it obvious they don't care about such things which is a real shame as interior design ideas abound on the internet for all to see!

Relaxing: Our home is our private retreat from the world, as such it should be calm and relaxing – not easy when you're trying to juggle the life-work balance or if you have children tearing round the house! So, if you can't have your entire house as a relaxing place then your focus should be on your bedroom! Choose soft gentle colours which are easy on the eye, duck egg blue bedding teamed with cream offers a timeless classical look but can also be bought into the 21st century with the furniture and furnishings you use.

Yellow: From the palest hints to the vibracy of sunflowers, yellow is a colour which can add a natural warmth to your home. Team with white for a contemporary look or colbat blue for a Mediterranean looks which reminds you of holidays spent in warmer climates! Simply adding a yellow rug can bring a touch of warmth to a room, coordinate with yellow tab top voile curtains to create a soft and breezy look to your room. Zebra Rugs: Love then or loathe them, there's no getting away from the fact that they're one of this year's hottest interior design trends. The advantage of today's zebra rugs is that it's possible to get faux hide, so you can the look without having to worry or feel guilty about harming any zebras!

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