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8 ways to get creative with fabric

Schools out for summer, so now's the perfect time to express your crafty side and get involved in some home DIY. If you are thinking about updating your home, using fabric by the metre can be a fun and affordable option for creating personlised and stylish home furnishings.

Fabric can be used in a multitude of inventive ways and you'll be happy to know you do not need a lot of experience to use it! So here at Terrys we have come up with 8 creative ways that you can use our fabric this summer:

1. Accent Cushions

Cushions are a great way to jazz up your muted interior by adding pops of colour and pattern. These popular soft furnishings do not require a large amount of fabric and are therefore one of the more budget friendly DIY options to smarten up your home.

You do not need a great amount of crafting expertise to be able to make an accent cushion, so as long you’ve got your fabric, a needle and thread you’re good to go!

Perfect for the main rooms of your home the Pacific fabric features a stylish bamboo style leaf print paired with a harmonious colour palette. This summery, 100% cotton material is perfect for introducing greenery and summer vibes to your home.

2. Bespoke Curtains

One of the more obvious ways to use fabric by the metre, is to create some beautiful, bespoke curtains.

These timeless window solutions can easily transform any room into a warm and inviting space. Summer is the perfect time to be bold by using fabrics rich with colour and texture to create an eye-catching window.

Here is the Secret oasis velvet fabric in rouge a striking floral material that will enhance any room that it is used in.

3. Make Your Own Outdoor Furnishings

Outdoor furniture can be quite an investment to say the least! So making your own outdoor furnishings can be a great, inexpensive and easy task to get started on during the summer months.

Whether you’re looking to make seat coverings, canopies or outdoor curtains the Tivoli heavy duty waterproof fabric is the perfect choice for all of your outdoor furniture needs. Unlike other fabric this material is fully waterproof and is designed to be durable through all types of weather.

4. Tote Bags

(Featured - Posy curtain fabric autumn)

Tote bags are a useful and easy way of using fabric by the metre. An environmentally friendly alternative to those pesky plastic bags, tote bags are perfect for carrying your belongings, food shopping, whatever you want!

An easy project for beginners, we have a multitude of fabric options suitable for tote bags. Remember, choosing a thick material is essential for making bags that can carry substantial items. If in doubt, please order a sample.

5. Upholster Your Existing Furniture

Does your well-worn furniture need a refresh? Instead of chucking out your old and used seating, upholstering it instead can be a sustainable way of updating your décor.

With a multitude of fabric options available, upholstering your furniture is the perfect way to create a luxurious feel within your home and ensures your décor stays on trend.

Our Passiflora fabric combines wonderful vivid tones and an intricate foliage inspired pattern to create a statement material. This sumptuous pattern exudes maximalism and is sure to create a statement wherever it is used.

6. Voile Drapes

Light weight and light filtering, voile curtains are the ideal choice for the summer months. However, finding a voile fabric that gives your home a luxurious feel and has the longevity of other curtain fabric can often be a tricky task.

At Terrys we have a large range of high quality, super wide voile fabrics available which are perfect for hanging along large windows or patio doors.

The Crossette sheer extra wide fabric in crystal displays an elegant stripe design amongst a lightly textured material, making them a glamorous addition to your window.

7. Dog Beds

Finding a dog bed that matches your interior seamlessly can be quite a difficult task as there is only so many options available in store and online!

Creating your own dog bed out of fabric will not only be a thicker and cosier option for your pet but is perfect for those who want to create a co-ordinated and stylish look within the home.

Whether you’re after a quirky printed fabric or a heavy-duty waterproof fabric for your dog bed, there is sure to be one perfect for your pooch!

8. Make Your Own Roman Blinds

With our roman blind kits making your own roman blinds could not be easier. With easy-to-follow instructions and the highest quality components, our roman blind kits will ensure your finished blinds will look astounding.

Whether you’re looking to create a statement roman blind or co-ordinate the fabric with similar colours within your interior, we have thousands of available options that can be easily used with our kits.

The Rowing stripe fabric in oatmeal is a beautiful neutral stripe design perfect for all interior styles, this material is also part of the Eco fabric range with the initiative to make cotton production more sustainable.

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